How important is it to update my blog regularly?

Any business with an online presence, should aim to build strong relationships with your audience as part of your content marketing strategy; a big part of this process is having an interesting and regularly updated blog.
May 11, 2016

Any business with an online presence should aim to build strong relationships with your audience as part of your content marketing strategy; a big part of this process is having an interesting and regularly updated blog.

Quality or quantity?

For SEO purposes, the advice used to be to update your blog as often as possible, even if that was at the expense of creating quality content. This is because Google used to place a higher value on sites that were constantly updated. Nowadays, however, that is no longer the case.

Quality has become much more important and unfortunately, posting everyday is not going to get you to the top of the Google rankings. At the same time, as Brian Hamlett of MPower Consulting notes:

‘If I came to your website today, then came back next month and nothing has changed, I would probably think that nothing is really happening with your business.’

…and, according to Megan Trotka of Small Business Trends:

‘Companies that blog 3 to 5 times a month, or around once a week, have more than twice the traffic of companies that don’t.’

So, if you are able to produce quality content related to your business about once a week, that would be ideal. Set a schedule that you can realistically adhere to, but if that happens to be less than one post a week, it isn’t the end of the world. You want people to value your website as a useful resource, so don’t compromise that by trying to post more often that you can handle. Once you’ve realised the potential of inbound marketing and blogging for your business’ lead generation, you can always look to get some extra help from an agency like us, to produce consistently good quality content and get it published efficiently.

Target keywords in your blogs

It is always important to think about keywords when you’re crafting a new blog post for your website. It’s possible you could be providing very helpful advice, but not reaching your full potential online audience, if you’re not targeting the right keywords. Here‘s a useful guide to get you started on keyword targeting and getting the right terms within each piece of content your produce.

Use analytics to track visitors on your site

While updating your blog is the first step, next is the vital process of interpreting the views of your new content. We use Google analytics to check what type of posts, on each type of subjects perform well. You need to be able to adjust your strategy when it comes to SEO and content marketing. Drill down into your engagement reports on new blog posts within analytics and find out which content resonates with your audience and you can gain some valuable market research that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Google likes fresh content

As Ishan Bansal of OutsourceBlog.CO! points out:

‘…Google loves fresh content. In fact, Google has a term called “QDF” or Query Deserves Freshness. Google spoke about it first in 2007… Basically, this aspect of their algorithm tries to show fresh content for relevant queries, instead of showing old content. So, if you are publishing content regularly, your content has a better chance in getting picked up in some of the searches, as compared to old content that has not been updated for quite a while.’

This should inspire you to blog about subjects related to your business, Google is constantly searching for new information so your aim should be to constantly provide it via your blog. At Alloy Marketing, we’re a tried and tested SEO agency with years of experience when it comes to creating and executing marketing strategies for various different types of businesses. If you really want to get an advantage over your competition, find out more about our content marketing and inbound marketing services today!

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