Local Rank Tracking Tool & Analytics Dashboard

The new Alloy SEO WebTool brings you the critical data for your online marketing campaigns.

Including national and local rank tracking, analytics, adwords data, social media data from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as well as the ability to post to these networks from your dashboard of the WebTool.

AlloyMarketing rankingstool1 550x445 - Local Rank Tracking Tool & Analytics DashboardRanking Tracker

  • Specify Keywords to Track on Google, Bing and Local: Our new ranking tracker software allows you to specify a set of keywords you want to monitor on Google, Bing and Google Places.
  • Weekly Rankings: The rankings of your webpages for these keywords is recorded on a weekly basis by robots that mimic a user searching for your target keyword.
  • Rankings Screenshots: A screenshot of the results where your website ranks on each search engine is recorded for reference


AlloyMarketing rankingstool3 550x414 - Local Rank Tracking Tool & Analytics DashboardGoogle Analytics

  • Google Analytics simplified dashboard: Google Analytics is pulled in to see how many visits are driven by each keyword, along with all the usual Analytics data in a really easy to use interface that is much more intuitive than the standard analytics interface.
  • View keyword searches referral statistics: Which keywords deliver traffic from Organic or Paid(PPC)
  • Goal completions data: If this has been setup on your website and in Analytics, you can see the tracking of enquiries through your website and any other goals you may be monitoring.


AlloyMarketing rankingstool2 550x438 - Local Rank Tracking Tool & Analytics DashboardSocial

  • Monitoring: Monitor the feeds from your twitter, facebook and Youtube accounts
  • Publishing: Publish posts, share, retweet and like other people’s posts using the tool
  • Scheduling: Schedule posts to these networks to be published later
  • Data: See facebook insights, and twitter stats from within the Tool


Critical online marketing data, all in one place: subscribe to our WebTool and get ahead of your competition.



  • Cost Effective: Prices from £8 per month, for 20 Keywords tracked across Bing, Google and Google Maps
  • Free with all monthly SEO service plans
  • We will contact you on receipt of your signup
  • Monthly payments required in advance


  1. Plan 1 – 20 keywords: £8 pm
  2. Plan 2 – 40 keywords: £15 pm
  3. Plan 3 – 80 keyword: £19 pm
  4. Plan 4 – 150 keyword: £30 pm
  5. Plan 5 – 300 keywords: £40 pm
  6. If you are currently an SEO customer – we can send you your login details


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