How to record a project and use it to create a portfolio/case study

Your projects are priceless examples of the quality of your work.

By recording the work you have put into them, you effectively build a portfolio which can then be used to grow your business and attract new clients. Individual case studies can be built which clearly demonstrate to prospective clients the life cycle of a project and the quality of results they can expect, often this is more effective than simply explaining to potential clients that you have previous experience in their field. Case studies can also boost your SEO and conversion rate, for more information see our previous article on this topic.

So where do you start with a portfolio? Take a look at the format we’ve used on the Alloy Marketing website As you can see, portfolios offer a highly effective way of demonstrating your expertise in your given field. The type of information used within each project and how the information is displayed will vary from business to business. It may be useful to build a narrative around a project and illustrate it with images. A tradesman, for example, may present high quality photographs of their work, or a services company may find it more appropriate to highlight facts and figures relevant to a specific project.

Some of the more universal points which should not be missed in any portfolio include quotes from the client about the quality of the work undertaken. The testimonials of a satisfied customer are extremely reassuring to prospective clients, paving the way to new leads for your business. A bit of background covering the general type of clients can also help inform readers of your specialisations. A basic recap of what a project entailed, any challenges encountered and how they were overcome, is another useful tool as it provides insight into the mechanics of your business. This can be especially reassuring if your field relies on a degree of expertise beyond most customers or consumers.

A well presented portfolio will prove itself useful in almost any business, so it’s worth taking the time to start saving a collecting useful examples of your work right away. If you need any help with this we’d love to advise, feel free to reach out for a no obligation chat.

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