Business email account setup

Professional email services for your business with quality hosting, multiple addresses, automated newsletters, spam filtering & bespoke signatures.

Have you thought about what your email address says about your business?

Your email address could be the first point of contact your customer has with your business. In order to earn the trust of your customers and present yourself professionally, it’s important to ensure your emails are fit for purpose. We can help you set up your professional business email account to have a professional appearance and secure and reliable hosting to keep it online with our business email account setup service.

Matching your email address to your business

It’s surprising how many business owners forgo matching your email address domain to your website. Without this, your emails can be easily lost or appear spammy. Not only will sending emails from your business domain look far more professional, but the chances of your emails being filtered into spam folders reduces drastically, meaning your emails wont be missed and increasing your chances of lead conversion.

Email signature design for businesses

If you want professional email signatures for your staff with specific functionality, for example clickable links or a brand logo, you may have noticed that it can be quite challenging to ensure that the information is displayed correctly across all platforms. Windows email clients and Mac email clients often display things slightly different and this can be the difference between looking professional and having a jumbled mess at the bottom of your email. Let us know the functionality you’re looking for and we’ll come up with the best way of achieving it.

Business email account setup options:

We offer a number of business email account options to suite businesses working on any budget.

  1. Basic shared web and email hosting
  2. Virtual dedicated server with shared email and hosting
  3. Google G Suite Hosted Email
  4. Microsoft Live Hosted email

Email marketing

We can help you build a database, capturing email addresses via your website or social media channels in order to communicate your messaging directly to your clients. We can construct regular email newsletters for your business, keep you from and centre in your client’s mind. We’ll also be able to provide data on who is opening your emails and what content they’re responding to, an excellent way of learning how to refine your approach as your business grows.

Email autoresponder and email automation setup

We can setup and design automated emails to thank users for subscribing or enquiring. By communicating efficiently with your database you’ll build trust and familiarity and increase the chance of curious customers converting.

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