In the early days of getting a business running, website hosting services might seem like a sensible place to pick a budget option. As a business grows, however, it’s vital to ensure that your hosting grows with the business to provide adequate speed, security and visibility.

Website hosting services tend to fall under the category of things that should be simple, but often aren’t. Few business owners are likely to have the time to dig into these services in real detail, but when they let you down it can be extremely frustrating. Having been in the digital marketing industry for almost a decade, Alloy Marketing have had experience with almost every website hosting service on the market. We’ve used this knowledge to offer what we believe to be the best value and most reliable range of options available today.

We offer a range of hosting options to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest startup website to hundred thousand page e-commerce stores. We won’t wrap you up in jargon to up-sell you expensive or over the top services you don’t need. Instead, we’ll take the time to learn about your business, using data to make informed decisions about the level of hosting your business really needs. We here to help you implement, optimise and maintain the best hosting for your business.

Shared Basic Website Hosting Services

  • Shared budget hosting
  • Website and email files are shared on the same system
  • Server shared by multiple companies

VDS Hosting

  • Virtual dedicated server
  • Your website and emails share a server with other companies, but in a virtual dedicated environment for extra redundancy

Dedicated server hosting

  • Dedicated server for your email and website files, not shared with other companies for maximum redundancy

CMS Pro Hosting

  • We’ll integrate state of the art content management systems into your website to ensure that it’s simple for you to add products, blogs and more to your site without the expense of hiring a developer.

Want to learn more about our website hosting services?

Our friendly team are only a phone call away, so if you’d like a no obligation chat about how we can help support your business with reliable, cost effective hosting don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve helped previous clients out with malware and virus removal from their websites and servers, as well as offering some practical tips and advice on how to prevent and recover from at attack. If your website or sever has been attacked we can diagnose and repair the problem and get you back online. If you’ve got an issue with your site give our friendly team a call and let us know what’s going on, we’ll come up with a plan to fix it. Don’t do anything drastic, since it could hurt your SEO. If attacks are dealt with in the right way it’s often possible to make a full recover with no lasting damage to your rankings. We can also help protect your site from future attacks with a range of hosting and maintenance plans that offer a number of security advantages, click here to learn more.

  • Premium quality UK based hosting
  • Servers are based at the premium Blue Square data centres in the UK
  • Expected uptime is an outstanding 99.95% uptime
  • To give you an idea, there hasn’t been 1 single hosting / uptime complaint from customers in 2012, and it’s mid-April!

How a domain expires

Contrary to popular belief, domains do not expire when they say they do. If the owner of a domain does not renew by the expiration date of the domain, the domain goes into “expired” status. For 40 days, the domain is in a grace period where all services are shut off, but the domain owner may still renew the domain for a standard renewal fee. If a domain enters this period, it is a good first indicator that it may not be renewed, but since the owner can re-register without penalty, it can also just be a sign of laziness or procrastination. After 40 days are up, the domain’s status changes to “redemption period”. During this phase, all WhoIs information begins disappearing, and more importantly, it now costs the owner an additional fee to re-activate and re-register the domain. The fee is currently around $100, depending on your registrar. When a domain enters its redemption period, it’s a good bet the owner has decided not to renew.Finally, after the redemption period, the domain’s status will change to “locked” as it enters the deletion phase. The deletion phase is 5 days long, and on the last day between 11am and 2pm Pacific time, the name will officially drop from the ICANN database and will be available for registration by anybody.The entire process ends exactly 75 days after the listed expiration date.

It’s unfortunate that one of the side effects of getting more exposure across the internet, is that your website will become more valuable and attractive to hackers.

  • If you notice your website has been hacked please get in touch via email or phone, and your website will be restored from a daily backup of the day before your site was hacked.

Why do hackers hack websites?

  1. Some do it just to prove they can, similar to graffiti artists tagging public places with their signature
  2. Some do it to place links on your website that link back to their websites. Google may pass some authority from your website to their website through the link. If we react quickly and restore your website back to normal, it’s likely Google wont even notice.
  3. Some do it to try to damage the reputation of your business – and may have been paid to hack your website by one of your competitors.

How can we stop them?

  1. Strong passwords, for your website CMS login and hosting login are setup for you as standard
  2. If you change your password, make sure it is strong and contains upper and lower case letters and numbers
  3. Your website CMS is regularly updated and security patches are applied on your behalf

However it is very difficult to create and maintain a 100% secure website – so you should be aware that its impossible for us to guarantee your site will never experience a security compromise.Enhanced / upgraded security hosting packagesIf you are very concerned about this happening, or if your website is mission critical, we can provide an advanced hosting package that has higher security and cloud redundancy, please enquire about prices ranging from £20 per month.

We will always try to help our clients where possible and have dug some of them out of some rather sticky situations with their previous websites. Please bear in mind however that if you have worked with another company for your current or former website they may have various terms and conditions that prevent anyone but you from accessing or controlling it. We’ll do what we can, we should at least be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Plans start from £20 per year for very small websites. The main factor is the storage space required for your site on the server.
  • Standard CMS websites require the 200mb package to start, which gives you around 100mb for pictures + emails and this costs £40 per year.

You are most welcome to, you’ll be given the keys to the castle as soon as we’re done.