eCommerce SEO management

Every eCommerce website needs an SEO campaign to drive traffic and create new sales. Many retailers use generic or cut and paste product descriptions which Google

Every eCommerce website needs an SEO campaign to drive traffic and create new sales. Many retailers use generic or cut and paste product descriptions which Google ignores and the complexities of optimising a large or established eCommerce site can be a bit daunting. We’re here to help you with a range of optimisations for your online shop that will encourage a steady stream of new business, as well an improved experience for existing customers.

Key components of our eCommerce SEO campaigns

Whether you’re selling a range of unique products or providing a distribution channel for established brands, on page optimisations are critical. Individual product pages and product category pages should be properly populated with full, bespoke descriptions, images and information for best search performance. Unique and specific text is recognised by Google as a sign that the business is specialised and can provide useful to customers. Every product page is therefore a golden opportunity to boost the site’s search performance.

Optimising the backend

Unseen optimisations are also important; product tags and metadata must be thoroughly maintained to ensure accuracy and to allow crawlers to get an accurate picture of the site’s selection of products. We’ll establish clear naming structures, an accurate site map and ensure there are no dead links or inoperable buttons so Google can recognise the outstanding user experience the website offers. Product categories and hierarchies must be properly structured in order to provide the best user experience, parent products should logically link their child products such as accessories and so on. A poor user experience isn’t just bad for customers, Google will recognise it too and penalise the site’s search performance accordingly.

Content driven SEO for eCommerce

Our more advanced SEO plans incorporate expertly written bespoke content for exclusive use on the website. No matter what products you specialise in or how much information you are able to provide, our content creators will become fully versed in your business in order to write articles that address frequent customers concerns and questions and educate them about your services. This is the logical next step from unique product descriptions, transforming the site beyond eCommerce into a useful resource for customers interested in learning more about the products or services upon which the website is based. As the website becomes a resource populated with useful content, Google acknowledges the broader appeal of the site and presents it to more searches. Additionally, the likelihood of content from the site being shared and seen by new customers is also increased.

Whilst no two SEO campaigns are the same, the essence of our SEO plans for eCommerce websites can be summarised as:

  • Unique product descriptions
  • Complete product categorisation and hierarchy
  • Clean, accurate product metadata
  • Professional presented imagery
  • Link accuracy
  • Button functionality
  • Product resources and unique site blog content

SEO is a network of different practises all operating together in unison. SEO for an eCommerce website is likely to also involve other more general SEO practises such as citation audits, local listing audits and a social media strategy. You can learn more about our other SEO pages elsewhere on the site, or contact us for a friendly chat with one of the team.


How quickly can I expect SEO results?

Regardless of budget, we normally advise clients it will be between two and three months before they begin to feel the benefit of our SEO work. The work we carry out results in long-lasting SEO benefits, the initial time taken to feel the results reflects the time it takes for Google to recognise and respond to the optimisations we make.

We operate fully ‘white hat’ SEO strategies, meaning all work is carried out in accordance with Google’s guidelines.Whilst some providers may promise quick fixes, the penalties for going against Google’s guidelines are severe and can see a website completely removed from search listings.

Is there a contract?

Yes. We require that you sign up for a minimum of three months for our SEO plans. We have found that proper SEO requires this amount of time for its effects to be felt. Underhanded quick fixes which deceive Google might provide an immediate boost but will damage your visibility in the long run so we always avoid them, be wary of those promising quicker results. We want your business to grow, so we craft stable and reliable strategies for our clients. If you would like to end your contract after three months that’s no problem at all, but we know when you begin to see the results you will be delighted.

Should I buy 1 000 000 links to my website from this bloke I found online?

Please don’t! This is one of the oldest and worst SEO practises around, the links will be virtually worthless and will damage your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes. Our SEO does involve link building, but focusses on high value links from reputable sources. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; there are no quick fixes!

What’s the difference between local and national SEO?

There are a lot of different components involved in SEO. Local SEO generally involves a greater focus on accurate local listings in search engines, analysing the strengths and weakness of local competition and optimising your web presence for best performance against them. National strategies can involve a greater amount of content and specifically targeting different areas of your chosen market. These are broad descriptions and can change depending on the project. If you’re unsure which type of SEO you need, ask yourself if your customers primarily come from your local area or further afield.

Why would I need SEO?

With billions of websites online, SEO offers a range of methods of achieving the best visibility possible for your business online. Without any SEO a new or growing business is unlikely to attract a great deal of traffic.