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Get essential information about your products to customers in the most engaging way with our great value product explainer video production service

You’ve probably noticed the current boom in video content online. Video is massive, it’s all over the internet and that’s not just the hundreds of thousands of hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every day. Videos now auto-play in Facebook feeds and pop up all over the place on Twitter and Instagram, so it’s time to get on board with this new marketing media. We offer a product explainer video production service to produce engaging content to show off products they way they deserve to be seen.

Why use a product explainer video production service?

Video is a fantastic way to showcase products to customers. Just look at the boom in ‘unboxing’ videos on YouTube (over 53 million results for that search!), people love the chance to take an all-angles look at a product before they buy them. If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a billion! As well as providing the most detailed images of a product, explainer videos offer a chance to demonstrate certain features, showcase what makes a product unique and offer a friendly face to introduce your goods.

Professional results, small business friendly prices

You don’t have to be Martin Scorsese to create stunning looking product videos for you business, at Alloy we love making content like this and can get professional results on any budget. From full blown unboxing and demonstration videos to simple 360 degree animations and everything in between.

Our flexible approach

Whether you need help, planning, scripting, filming or editing your product videos, Alloy Marketing have the experienced team needed to create you the kind of video you can be proud of. We can create a single flagship product video, or split it into a series showcasing different applications for your product. Alternatively we can help build a visual identity for your products with a series of themed videos for different products. If you’d like a bespoke voiceover or soundtrack to your video we can also build these in our state of the art recording suite. Our efficient workflows and passion-driven ethics mean we work smart and deliver professional-quality results at small business friendly prices.

Even on the smallest of budgets, we have the equipment to efficiently pull together punchy, informative product videos and animations which showcase your products in the kind of professional way you can be proud of.

If you think some top quality product videos could help boost sales of your product, get in touch for a chat with us. We’ll tailor our services to your exact requirements


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