Website Hosting

UK based state of the art servers, with daily backups & rapid DNS resolvers for super fast loading websites.

Hosting for high performance

Our business website hosting and support has been designed from the ground up to help your online marketing & SEO.

We use UK based, state of the art servers, with daily backups & rapid DNS resolvers for super fast loading websites. We also highly recommend additional optional security packages which include SSL, malware scanning, daily backups and hack detection.

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Automatic fixes & repairs

In the unlikely even of a service failure, our hosting will fix and repair your site automatically. For example, if your site encounters and issue with PHP, instead of going down, the issue will fix and resolve itself.

Staging site support

Our hosting includes built in support for staging sites, making it easy to test and implement changes to your site without the hassle of a separate server or plugins.

Instant automatic scaling

If your site experiences sudden spikes in traffic, our hosting will scale to support these spikes without affecting the performance of the site. This happens instantly, without the need for downtime or migration.


Ideal for growing sites where every visitor counts, our hosting supports full redundancy and high-availability.

Superior caching

Our hosting uses on a custom caching solution which factors in the most popular WordPress themese and plugins to cache your site more effectively where required.


Our plans include a global CDN at no extra charge, so that wherever in the world your visitors are coming from they can always get to your site quickly and easily.

Why choose us?

Rigorous high standards, attention to detail & over a decade of experience with the challenges of SME hosting.

Our hosting partnews utilise the latest and most secure software versions, cutting edge hardware and exceptional network redundancy, because we realise how important your business website is fast, secure and well maintained.

Basic hosting option

Our basic hosting features fast UK based semi-dedicated servers, 99.9% uptime, cPanel control panel and weekly.

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Pro hosting option

Our pro service offering 100% uptime, with the additional benefit of being 100% carbon-neutral. We can even add a logo to your website to highlight this to your customers, just like ours below.

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Secure website & email hosting

The speed of your website, the reliability of your email and the security of your account is a top priority for us.

All servers are maintained by experienced server administrators in the UK
Pro hosting includes shared hardware firewalls for security & cloud mirrors to achieve 100% uptime

All hosting service plans feature weekly secure backups taken of the entire hosting account, keeping your content safe. We also offer domain registration services to help you find, purchase, manage and configure your domain names.

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Pro hosting is carbon neutral

Go pro, go green! We are proud to offer a pro hosting service which is carbon neutral. The hosting of your website and emails is run on infrastructure powered by 100% renewable energy.

We are very pleased to be one of very few companies worldwide able to offer you high performance 100% uptime hosting with a carbon neutral status. We can also add the carbon neutral hosting logo to your website to inform your website visitors about your efforts to reduce the environmental impact of running your business.

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Web design

Using advanced research tools and years of experience working with expanding businesses, we will design the multi-channel plan that’s best for you. Then we put it into action, combining strategies that work together across different media to get greater results for your budget.

Digital marketing

Our online marketing services take advantage of the low cost of reaching a large number of highly targeted potential customers, from pay per click ads and SEO to social media and email campaigns. We don’t just have the technical expertise and data needed to do this, we have the experience to make it count.

When the time is the right, we can also create premium graphic designs, printed to the highest quality, for people to engage with in the real world. From business cards to direct mail campaigns, we create designs that people want to see.

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One clear voice

Dealing with lots of people can be a hassle. By taking sole responsibility for your marketing campaign we communicate with you, and for you, more effectively. Life is easier when you work with someone who understands you and your brand.

Continuous collaboration

As your needs change, we listen. Our marketing reflects your dynamic business, so it’s constantly adapting to your changing requirements. We always keep you in the loop with reports from 3rd party data providers for full transparency so you can see the results of our work.