My website was hacked – what does this mean?

It’s unfortunate that one of the side effects of getting more exposure across the internet, is that your website will become more valuable and attractive to hackers.

  • If you notice your website has been hacked please get in touch via email or phone, and your website will be restored from a daily backup of the day before your site was hacked.

Why do hackers hack websites?

  1. Some do it just to prove they can, similar to graffiti artists tagging public places with their signature
  2. Some do it to place links on your website that link back to their websites. Google may pass some authority from your website to their website through the link. If we react quickly and restore your website back to normal, it’s likely Google wont even notice.
  3. Some do it to try to damage the reputation of your business – and may have been paid to hack your website by one of your competitors.

How can we stop them?

  1. Strong passwords, for your website CMS login and hosting login are setup for you as standard
  2. If you change your password, make sure it is strong and contains upper and lower case letters and numbers
  3. Your website CMS is regularly updated and security patches are applied on your behalf

However it is very difficult to create and maintain a 100% secure website – so you should be aware that its impossible for us to guarantee your site will never experience a security compromise.Enhanced / upgraded security hosting packagesIf you are very concerned about this happening, or if your website is mission critical, we can provide an advanced hosting package that has higher security and cloud redundancy, please enquire about prices ranging from £20 per month.

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