What Does the Death of the Yellow Pages Mean for Your Cleaning Company?

An overview of what the death of the Yellow Pages could mean when it comes to marketing your cleaning company from an experienced cleaning marketing team.
June 6, 2019

The final edition of the iconic printed version of the Yellow Pages was released in January of 2019.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that this method of finding local tradespeople has been in decline for a while, but in this blog we’ll give you an overview of what this might mean when it comes to marketing your cleaning company.

How will people find my cleaning business?

As with everything else, prospective customers will (hopefully) be finding your business online. For this to happen, you need to be visible on as many platforms as possible. Having your own website is essential, then you need to have listings on at least all the major directory sites such as Scoot, Thomson Local and Yelp. There’s also plenty of opportunities to market yourself on social media as well, so having a Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram account will only increase your visibility.

All of these platforms give you an opportunity to be found before a competitor, so make the most of them! You can even pay for targeted ads on Facebook which can give you a big boost if you know how to use them properly.

Make the most of on-page optimisation

Back in the day, you could get to the top of the Yellow Pages rankings with a name like Aardvark Cleaning, but things are slightly more sophisticated now. Google’s algorithms include over 200 factors that determine what people see when they do a local search. Some of this will depend on whether your site is optimised properly, and some of it will relate to the quality of language on your website.

If your business appears near the top for a local cleaning search, then people will be comparing you to your competitors when they’re looking for cleaning companies in your area. If your site appears in position 10 or lower, however, statistically speaking you’ll get fewer than 1% of clicks. Make sure you’re optimised or you won’t be found!

Is print advertising still useful for cleaning companies?

Yes–you can still use local newspapers, flyers and other offline tactics such as printing business cards that you can leave after you’ve completed a job. There are still plenty of opportunities to carry out marketing in the real world. Of course, the relevance of these types of marketing will depend on your business and your goals, and in most cases, spending your budget on digital marketing is likely to be more profitable.

We’re confident that print isn’t dead just yet. There’s certainly still value in having a properly put together brochure, banner advertising and even the humble business card, so the world hasn’t been completely uploaded to the internet. Yet.  If you’re looking for help handling the shift to predominantly digital marketing, find out what we can do for cleaning companies here. From getting online in the first place by building a website, to getting to the top of search engine results. We can even help you with offline advertising, too.

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