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SEO Audit

What is SEO?

Organic search engine optimisation increases the number of ‘free’ visitors arriving on your website from search engines, by improving the search engine ranking of web-pages. Effective SEO requires considerable knowledge of search engine algorithms and a deep understanding of the target customer’s searching behaviour.

As search engine interaction revolves around language, special attention is paid to the selection and application of the keywords used by potential customers to find your business.

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We love data and it's also pretty vital to getting your business website generating steady leads from online sources.

Enter your business details to get a free SEO report that illustrates the areas we can help you with. From on-site technical fixes, improving mobile compatibility or building your backlink profile, we have the tools and expertise to get your website's organic rankings where they deserve to be.

Free SEO report includes:

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  • Top keywords & their rankings on Google
  • Citation sources
  • Competitor snapshot

DATA driven marketing

Know what's going on with your marketing dashboard

Our clients often have limited budgets but big ambitions, so our work is based on the best quality data we can find. We implement website analytics and conversion tracking from day one and utilise this data to make informed recommendations for your campaign. You can keep tabs on your campaigns with us from our crystal clear live data dashboard from within your client portal.


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Insights & Advice

Insights and action points are recommended based on our extensive experience. 

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