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Communicate key business information in your email signatures with smart & professional Email signature design services at great prices

Professional business email signature design services

We’re here to help you build and maintain a memorable brand identity with every communication you make on behalf of your business. A professionally designed signature will help you stand out from your competition. It conveys that you are communicating on behalf of a legitimate business and providing crucial information to anyone who may need to get in touch.

Poorly designed email signatures can trigger spam filters, preventing your emails from reaching potential clients or cause emails to be displayed incorrectly on a mobile device. Our email signature design service is here to ensure your business is making the most from this vital digital communication channel.

We specialise in creating HTML email signatures, as opposed to image based signatures. This ensures that links to email addresses, websites and social media pages can be easily clicked on. It also ensures that vital contact information is still displayed for anyone who uses an email client that restricts or blocks the loading of images. This can still include your company logo and other icons with the added advantage that they are not included in the email as attachments.

Design of HTML email signature options

  • HTML email signature design includes: Name, position, clickable email Address and business website, 1 or 2 phone numbers, company logo, business name and address and any disclaimer text that you supply.
  • Business logo set up: We ask for your fully prepared company logo, in the correct size and file type. We also ask for a link to the file from your server so that we can embed this into your HTML design. If you would like us to prepare your business logo for embedding, please send us the file and we will edit it then send it back to you for uploading to your server.
  • Social media icons: either you provide us with icons of the size and format for use, or we can source icons for you.
  • Image asset upload to your server: We can upload your business logo, and or/social media icons directly to your server via an FTP
  • We can create variations of the signature template for different members of staff.


  • 1 email signature design in HTML £150
  • 1 email signature designed in HTML with versions for 3 staff members in HTML £250
  • 1 email signature designed in HTML with versions for 10 staff members in HTML £400

Please note – all email signatures are designed in HTML code and delivered as .htm files. We can direct you to support documents online for help with installation however our service does not include installation and we are unable to offer IT assistance.

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