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Keep your business safe with the most flexible online security service Manchester has to offer, protecting businesses of all sizes from hackers & cyber attacks.

Small businesses, most of which are now dependant on technology to some degree, are potentially lucrative targets to any hacker. Cyber attacks can be launched from anywhere in the world, so its important businesses do all they can to protect themselves.

Unfortunately not everyone takes the simple steps necessary to protect themselves against these threats. There has been a sharp increase in the number of attacks carried out against small businesses in the last few years. We offer a suite of security resources and upgrades for businesses at great prices, we aim to provide the best value online security service Manchester has to offer.

Alloy hosting options – Protect your business with a first line of defence with our quality hosting packages.

Secure & stable – Utilising the latest and most secure software versions, cutting edge hardware and exceptional network redundancy

Basic hosting option – Our basic hosting features fast UK based semi-dedicated servers, 99.9% uptime, cPanel control panel and weekly

Pro hosting option – Our pro service offering 100% uptime, with the additional benefit of being 100% carbon-neutral, including a logo to go on your website, just like ours below.

Quality hosting & setup support – Benefit from our premium quality hosting plans and setup services.

Security optional upgrades – Just as you’d lock your front door when leaving the house, there are several easy, common sense, ways in which you can lock down security with Alloy

Pro hosting – Host your business website on our secure, cloud based hosting with DDos Mitigation. Providing better uptime, faster loading and level 7 DDoS protection used by banks and large websites to ensure your website has proper protection against increasingly common cyber attacks.

SSL certificate – Encrypt your connection between you and your website when you login to post blogs and news. Ensure all connections to your website are secure with an SSL certificate designed to keep hackers out and your data safe.

Updates and maintenance – Installing updates is absolutely essential as they fix known security flaws for content management systems such as WordPress as well as essential plugins. Keep your website fully up to date and deal with any of the potential conflicts that can occur with our updates and maintenance package.

CloudFlare DNS – A cloud DNS manager that monitors who can access your website. Not only does cloudflare improve the speed for genuine visitors, it restricts access to bots and potential attackers. It collects data as it does this so you have even more information about who is visiting your website as well as extra security.

Sitelock website scanning – If malware is found on your site by Google it will be immediately removed from search results. Keep your website secure with daily scanning for malware, and alerts for any security issues found with Sitelock. Show the sitelock verification badge on your site to encourage customers.

Codeguard scanning – Get alerts for any changes made to your website, making you quickly aware if anything you don’t want has happened with daily scans. Regular, automatic backups mean you always have a copy of your website in its recent form. And if anything does go wrong you can instantly restore your website from one of these backups. Get a quote for online security solutions

Why are cyber attacks on the rise?

  • They are easy to carry out, a hacker doesn’t have to leave the house and UK businesses can be targeted from pretty much anywhere in the world
  • Even people with very little technical expertise can purchase attacks and tools. A week’s worth of disruption from a DDoS attack could cost as little as $150
  • Businesses are more reliant than ever on the communication and information that online services facilitate. As businesses become more reliant on technology, disruption becomes more effective.
  • Compared to traditional forms of crime such as burglary, cyber crime takes far less effort but can still have a big impact, making it more appealing to modern criminals.

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