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Rank well in local search results
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Gain more local leads

With Google features that utilise Places information appearing more prominently in search engine results, local business listing optimisation offers a significant opportunity to gain free visitors for a smaller investment than nationally targeted internet marketing/SEO campaigns.

Google includes Maps/Places listings in search results, they can now be seen for almost all searches that mention a service and location. Brand name searches for businesses with one main location, now also show a combined listing that merges data from Google Places listings and Google reviews, in order to help customers locate the premises.

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Local SEO strategy

Every campaign is different and depends on many factors, however most campaigns include the following phases


We check for mentions that are incorrect and fix them for you



We identify where you rank and which websites mention your business


Website & social

Upgrades are applied to your website to improve local signals

Build citations

We find new places to list your business and beat competitors

SEO Plans

Choose a pre configured optimisation package for your business, or contact us for a custom package.


SEO retainer for startups
  • Daily social media posting
  • Citation building campaign
  • £250 setup up fee
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SEO for growing businesses
  • Standard plus:
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Video content marketing
  • £250 setup fee
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SEO for national campaigns
  • Growth plus:
  • Press release syndication
  • Nationwide competitor analysis
  • Dedicated account manager
  • £250
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Our managed local search engine optimisation packages include the following features:

  • Your website will be analysed for search engine compatibility
  • Checking for coding errors that might hinder search engine performance
  • Google my business listing optimisation
  • Bing maps businss listing optimisation
  • Citations building and cleanup
  • Providing an overall performance ranking for your whole website
  • Advice on your competitor’s SEO investments
  • Recommend improvements with the highest return on investment

SEO competitor analysis

Thorough analysis of your online competitors within your local and national market. Depending on the scale and competition for your market sector; the analysis will include:

  • A comprehensive SEO analysis of local competitors
  • Summary of national competition
  • Clear advice on search optimisation improvements
  • Recommendations for general online marketing strategy, weaknesses, threats, opportunities

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    On-page SEO

    Optimisation of the content and coding of individual website pages to maximise the effects of all other search engine marketing efforts. 

      On-page SEO can involve the following techniques
      • Adding meta data based on extensive keyword research
      • Editing existing copy for optimal keyword density based on our recommended keywords
      • Adding copy to enhance search engine relevance scoring factors
      • Editing adding copy to improve customer conversion rates
      • URL re-writing for SEO benefits (we also set up the 301 redirects so you can keep getting the benefit and Page Rank flow from your old links)
      • Modification of navigation system for more indexable content by the search engine bots
      • Improving landing page quality scores for PPC advertising campaigns
      How do we perform on-page SEO?

      This involves generating interest elsewhere on the web to attract traffic back to your website. 

      Creating links that point back to your home page and also product/service pages (deep linking), serves the obvious purpose of increasing visitors onto your website. More importantly though, links between sites serve as a voting system and key part of Google’s Page Rank algorithm, a crucial ranking factor for search engine results performance.

      • Link-building strategies aim to attract others on the internet to link back to your site
      • Links from less popular or reputable sites is of little use to SEO but can boost traffic
      • Links from reputable websites (Those with a PR 1+) will boost your website performance

      You will have no doubt received spam from companies offering link building services. 100 links from irrelevant, spammy or generally low quality sites will not be able to offer the same performance as just 1 link from a high quality, reputable site. Our link building campaigns always obtain links that are of best-value, either for traffic generation or PageRank/SEO performance influence.

      Gain reviews from customers

      Climb the rankings

      Reviews on Google Places profiles, Bing local business listings and some online directories that have reviews features can be collected and aggregated from across the web. Google collects this data then compiles it back on the Places profile page. These reviews and the signals the search engines gain from scanning the content suggest whether a local business is relevant and should be offered in search results.

      How do I get my business to appear higher on Google maps?

      Take a look at our blog articleHow to appear in the Google Local business results

      Creating links that point back to your home page, and also product/service pages (deep linking), serves the obvious purpose of increasing visitors to your website. More importantly though, links between sites serve as a voting system and form a key part of Google’s Page Rank algorithm, a crucial ranking factor for both organic and Local business listing performance.

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      How do you appear in the search results?

      Search engine optimisation is the process of improving a website and the “presence” of a brand on the internet, in order to increase visibility in the organic search engine results. Because search engines do not accept payment for listing in the (organic) search results – this involves optimising a website for hundreds of factors to improve the website compatibility, whilst creating a quality website that others will want to link-to.

      What can you do yourself?

      There are aspects of SEO that you as the business owner can do yourself to improve progress of your webpages up the rankings. But at some point before you reach the top of page 1, you are likely to be held back by competitors who have got the edge over your website, in Google’s opinion at least.

      To get above these competitors in the rankings, you need to invest in Search Optimisation from a reputable provider, who will assure you of proper representation of your business online.


      How quickly can I expect SEO results?

      Regardless of budget, we normally advise clients it will be between two and three months before they begin to feel the benefit of our SEO work. The work we carry out results in long-lasting SEO benefits, the initial time taken to feel the results reflects the time it takes for Google to recognise and respond to the optimisations we make.

      We operate fully ‘white hat’ SEO strategies, meaning all work is carried out in accordance with Google’s guidelines.Whilst some providers may promise quick fixes, the penalties for going against Google’s guidelines are severe and can see a website completely removed from search listings.

      Is there a contract?

      Yes. We require that you sign up for a minimum of three months for our SEO plans. We have found that proper SEO requires this amount of time for its effects to be felt. Underhanded quick fixes which deceive Google might provide an immediate boost but will damage your visibility in the long run so we always avoid them, be wary of those promising quicker results. We want your business to grow, so we craft stable and reliable strategies for our clients. If you would like to end your contract after three months that’s no problem at all, but we know when you begin to see the results you will be delighted.

      Should I buy 1 000 000 links to my website from this bloke I found online?

      Please don’t! This is one of the oldest and worst SEO practises around, the links will be virtually worthless and will damage your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes. Our SEO does involve link building, but focusses on high value links from reputable sources. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; there are no quick fixes!

      What’s the difference between local and national SEO?

      There are a lot of different components involved in SEO. Local SEO generally involves a greater focus on accurate local listings in search engines, analysing the strengths and weakness of local competition and optimising your web presence for best performance against them. National strategies can involve a greater amount of content and specifically targeting different areas of your chosen market. These are broad descriptions and can change depending on the project. If you’re unsure which type of SEO you need, ask yourself if your customers primarily come from your local area or further afield.

      Why would I need SEO?

      With billions of websites online, SEO offers a range of methods of achieving the best visibility possible for your business online. Without any SEO a new or growing business is unlikely to attract a great deal of traffic.