Screen capture video production

We are happy to create screen capture videos from start to finish to demonstrate our clients’ services in a slick, professionally produced video at prices that work for business of all sizes

Creating from scratch for mobile and desktop

Sometimes it’s just better to showcase a service visually instead of in text format. The popularity of YouTube and auto-playing video content speaks for itself. Nowadays more and more businesses use screen capture videos to showcase their products and services. At Alloy we’re happy to create screen capture videos from start to finish to demonstrate our clients services in a slick, professionally produced video at prices that work for business of all sizes. We want our videos to be as unique as your business, so we’re not talking about delivering just the bare minimum, we’re talking pro-grade branded content that screams class.

Adding logos and branding

Don’t miss an opportunity to show off your branding and make an impression on your customers. We use professional-level editing tools to add smart branding and logo touches to screen capture videos that show prospective customers that you’re a tech savvy business, modern, professionally and trustworthy. We’ll colour correct and grade the content so it looks right at home on your website, Facebook page or in-store displays.

Intros and outros

Intros and outros are essential to give people some context when viewing a video. We couldn’t simply start a written article with no introduction as to what the article was about and the same applies to video content. Whether you want a basic text intro or a fully narrated introduction complete with matching end credits, we’ll top and tail your screen capture video professionally for the most impressive looking results.

Adding jingles and sound beds

We work with established music producers and sound designers to craft bespoke soundtracks and jingles for screen capture videos and you’ll be surprised at how affordable these services have become. The right music can immediately engage a customer and open them up to a more positive experience. Avoid costly licensing and falling foul of strict content protection policies by commissioning your own unique audio branding alongside your screen capture video. It’ll be yours to keep and use as you like, across your videos, website, company phone line and radio advertising.

Editing footage, rearranging it

Whilst a straightforward screen capture video is fairly simple in principle, it’s rare that videos require no editing at all. Our editing suites make rearranging and clipping footage a cinch, so you can make sure you video is super easy follow and makes it’s point as effectively as possible.

Chopping it into other footage

We’ll help you make certain that your video maintains the attention of your customers. Sometimes cutting to other footage, perhaps of your product in action, your retail location or your team can provide a nice visual break from a simple screen capture and help add a bit of wider context around what’s going on. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a great deal about video editing, we’re happy to take the lead and talk your through our design choices, so you can be sure your finished video has been properly considered.

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