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Find new opportunities with consulting from an agile team of entrepreneurs. The most informed business development consulting Manchester has to offer.

Work with a growth orientated marketing agency providing the full range of marketing services that empower small businesses to grow. Benefit from the most experienced business development consulting Manchester has to offer.

Our team is constantly in contact with a wide range of small businesses, helping them reach and convert more leads through through powerful multi-channel marketing. For many companies growth and development are going to be highly dependant on a cohesive marketing strategy and we know how this needs to be integrated in your business as a whole. This goes far beyond simple sales, we help our clients improve the full lie cycle of their relationships with customer. Marketing isn’t just about getting new business, it should also be about making the most of the business you have. From improving internal work-flows to boosting customer satisfaction, our job is to help you take your business to the next level. We believe our experience has equipped us with the tools to provide the most informed business development consulting Manchester has to offer.

Down to earth, actionable strategy

Our approach is to listen to your needs and look at the bigger picture. While our work is very data based, we will break it down into making suggestions you can understand. We can collect all kinds of invaluable information, looking at the efficacy of your marketing and how it measures up to the competition. We can help you break down where your money goes and what you can do to get more out of it. As well as this, we can point out the things you do on a day to day basis that could help free up more of your time and get better results.

Putting theory into practice

By applying a range of business theories to your actual situation, we will be able to help you plan for the short, medium and long term future. There’s no need to sign up to an MBA just yet, let us take the reigns, with years of putting theory to use in the real world we can make sure that your strategy is right for you. Our services look at a few of the key areas that determine the day to day running of your business, analysing where your customers come from and how you do your work.

Marketing strategy consulting

For many small businesses, competing for customers is the hardest part of growing. If you are focussed on doing what your business does, be it bespoke engineering or software development, you may not be a marketing expert. Throwing money at individual campaigns isn’t always the answer and if you aren’t even sure what you’re getting out of your marketing spend then maybe it’s time to call for backup. We can have a look at where you get your customers and identify new marketing opportunities to attract more. The most effective way of doing this is normally to bring together a number of marketing strategies where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. If you already have several strong avenues of marketing, we can help you plug the gaps, bringing up the overall effectiveness substantially. And it’s not just acquiring new customers that matter, we can help you discover potential new opportunities to retain and up-sell existing clients.

Work-flow optimisation

Humans, generally speaking are creature of habit. There was certainly a reason you started doing things the way you do them. It may have been a very good reason. But that doesn’t mean you should keeping doing things the way you do. By looking at what you do and why you do it, we can help you find ways to improve how you use resources.


Bring your business into the 21st century with practical paperless office systems. We can help you find and set up system to keep your work digital, secure and easily accessible. We consult on CRM integration and setup, order processing systems, accounting software setup and can help you transition with training and ongoing support.

System integration

Get the information you need at your finger tips by integrating multiple systems. Make sure you project managment software knows your invoices are up to date and that your phone calls are tracked in your CRM. To remove the hassle of manually transferring information sales time and reduces the risk of human error. Free up resources and put in place scalable systems that give your company the space to grow.

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