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Marketing strategy for small businesses

As a digital marketing agency, our day job is planning and carrying out a wide range of digital marketing services. We’ve seen and solved all kinds of things when it comes to running marketing campaigns for small business. If you’re unsure where you should be heading with your marketing, or aren’t happy with the results you are currently getting, try running your thoughts past our team of experienced, technical marketers. Backed by nearly 10 years of experience, we believe we offer the most thorough digital marketing consulting Manchester has to offer.

Our approach to digital marketing is to combine all of the key things that both Google and your customers are looking for. By building up your presence across the internet, increasing visibility, touches and conversion our aim is to create a marketing campaign that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. As tried and tested marketers, we can help you combine content, social and PPC marketing to amplify SEO. Bringing all strands of digital marketing together and making the whole more than the sum of it’s parts. In campaigns that attempt to achieve this, a small or even completely hidden weakness in one area may be holding back your entire campaign.

Digital marketing theory

While we’re hot on marketing theory, it’s never as simple as you’d think to apply it in the real world. By the time marketing practices get written down in textbooks they’re often old hat – even if the core principles stay the same. As we’re running cutting edge campaigns on a day to day basis, we’re drawing on all kinds of sources to stay ahead of the curve. We’re experimented with tactics and techniques that aren’t  That’s where our experience, helping all kinds of small, fast growing businesses comes into it’s own. We’ve seen the day to day challenges that the text book doesn’t tell you about. We can help you prioritise and customise marketing for your unique business and make sure that you get ahead of the competition.

Marketing KPI analysis

While we love getting our hands on a ton of data, we also know how to make it meaningful in the real world. If you aren’t sure why your KPI’s matter than it’s time to look at the bigger picture. Getting more traffic to your website is great, but is it generating more sales? No single metric and tell the whole story, and often looking at all the data is just a cacophony of chaotic numbers. But even in chaos, patterns can be isolated.

We’ll start by making sure that all the essential information you need is accessible and then establish if it’s giving an accurate picture of what’s going on. This can never be taken for granted, even if you are already looking at a ton of stats. From here, it’s possible to start fitting the pieces together, what is working well at which level and what are the impacts further down the line? Digital marketing, especially SEO,

Actionable marketing recommendations

Data’s great, but it’s what you do with it that really matters. Even identifying a weakness isn’t enough. It’s finding a way to get to a solution that works that will be what brings in growth for your business. We won’t just leave you with a list of what would be best to do “in an ideal world”. We’ll make sure that our suggestions are appropriate and will ultimately be effective. We can even help you implement the changes ourselves, from website development, to content creation so we can cover both the technical and creative needs of your improved marketing strategy.

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