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Our tailored, keyword optimised manufacturer copywriting service boosts search engine performance & provides great content for websites & social media.

The text on your digital channels is your sales pitch, make sure it’s had the care and attention it deserves with a manufacturer copywriting service that speaks in the ideal tone of voice

We craft keyword optimised text for manufacturing business websites to help your business connect with customers online. Well written copy can make the difference between converting a visitor to a customer and losing them to a competitor. We draw on years of experience crafting specialist copy for business to put our manufacturing client head and shoulders above the competition. We’re here to help you fill your website with bespoke content that optimises your position in the search results and reassures potential customers of your competency and expertise.

A manufacturer copywriting service driven by data & SEO knowledge

It’s important that key pages on your manufacturing website have at least 500 words, ideally closer to 1000. If you don’t have the time or the copywriting expertise to get there, we can help. We’ve helped many of our clients build pages from a single paragraph into hundreds of words of genuinely useful information about their products and services. We write FAQs too, which offer a great opportunity to directly address the search terns of your clients and provide specific information about your products.

How our industrial and manufacturer copywriting service works

If you’re planning new pages for your manufacturing business’ website or are interested in publishing original content to improve your SEO performance, we’re equally happy working from scratch. We can produce copy as single pieces and one-off projects, or come up with a content plan that rolls out content over a number of weeks or months.

Our copywriting begins with research, we read around the subject we’re planning to write about and produce a detailed plan. The plan covers the key points the writing should address; what will the piece be about, what are the important keywords, what might the questions and concerns of your customers be, how does your business relate to the subject and other specific points of importance.

Before getting started, we’ll be sure to have a chat with you. We want to be certain to write authoritatively about your business and services and to use the appropriate tone of voice. Of course, you’ll have chance to approve any copy we create on your behalf before it goes live. Generally, after an initial discussion many of our clients are happy for us to proceed without approval since our skilled copywriters are excellent at writing in the correct tone of voice for our clients.

Keyword optimised copywriting services

Keyword research is a vital part of our copywriting services. Our background in SEO means we understand the importance of taking a data driven approach in all aspects of marketing. We use cutting edge software tools to gather information on the specific terms associated with your business that people are searching for. Even though we’ve worked with many clients in industry and manufacturing before, this part of the process is still vital, keyword volumes can throw up unexpected opportunities to rank for niche searches. With the data to back up our target keywords we can create a content strategy which builds momentum over several weeks, each piece of content playing its part in increasing the performance and authority of your site by providing helpful information to your visitors. Copywriting and content creation is key part of our SEO services, if you’re interested in full SEO services you can learn more about them here.

Our copywriting services for manufacturers and industrial businesses cover everything from services offered by the business, to case studies of specific work that has been carried out in the past, social media posts, press releases and blog content; all with the aim of calling the reader to action. Working with us, you’ll reap the SEO benefits from regularly publishing online content and build trust with your customer base. Get in touch today and discover how we can help your business grow.


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