Social Media Marketing Service

We take the hassle out of claiming and setting up social media profiles, then build an engaged audience, generating quality traffic to your website and leads for your business.


Boost reach, engagement and sales with creative, multi-channel campaigns


Keep things personal with the training and strategy to run your own accounts

Header artwork design

Captivating designs that convey key messages and match your branding

Paid advertising

Get a greater ROI with targetted, data driven paid multi-platform campaigns

Facebook advertising

Creative campaigns that reach the right audience for you

Twitter advertising

Paid campaigns that make the most of short form messages
AMA16 mobile tech - Social media marketing services

Social media management

Our monthly plans include daily publishing across your network of profiles. We will also keep you up to date with social trends that could influence your marketing success and gain valuable feedback on the best ways to harness social media to boost your brand, and drive sales.
  • Account setup on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-inGoogle+, Youtube
  • Accounts populated with original content including artwork design and linking to specific pages on your website
  • Creation of social profile artwork for your brand on each network
  • Deep-links to pages on your website and items of potential interest to the target demographic
  • All access and logins are handed over at launch – there are no tie-ins

Multi-channel marketing

Using advanced research tools and years of experience working with expanding businesses, we will design the multi-channel plan that’s best for you. Then we put it into action, combining strategies that work together across different media to get greater results for your budget.
AMA16 cloud computing - Social media marketing services

One clear voice

Dealing with lots of people can be a hassle. By taking sole responsibility for your marketing campaign we communicate with you, and for you, more effectively. Life is easier when you work with someone who understands you and your brand.

Continuous collaboration

As your needs change, we listen. Our marketing reflects your dynamic business, so it’s constantly adapting to your changing requirements. We always keep you in the loop with reports from 3rd party data providers for full transparency so you can see the results of our work.

Social media marketing plans

Let us know via our enquiry form if you’d like a custom plan putting together.

Our process

With your input, we pick and choose from our full arsenal of marketing techniques to form the strategy that will be most effective campaign for your business right now.  

It can also be tricky keeping on top of a brand’s development as more and more platforms become involved, so we take the time to fully get to grips with the branding you have before we go any further. 

AMA16 cloud platform - Social media marketing services

Research & analysis

We take a look at where you’re at and find out where you want to go.

Create a strategy

We take a look at where you’re at and find out where you want to go.We work out how to get there, picking the most cost effective services for your business.


Our huge range of in house specialities keep costs down and efficiency high.

Generate data & analytics

3rd party tools give you complete transparency as we track the progress of your campaign.

Dynamic shift

As your needs change, we continuously adapt our services to support your business as it grows.

Social media marketing tips

The latest news and advice to help your brand be more social

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