What’s the score with audio visual marketing?

Why use audio visual marketing?

So you’ve got yourself set up with a shiny new modern website, it looks great, loads quickly, and performs perfectly across all devices; mobiles, tablets and laptops. Congratulations! You’ve got an excellent foundation for your business. As we’ve covered in our other blogs, you’ll want to start thinking about how to maintain a bit of activity on your online marketing channels now, perhaps through a blog, or some regular social media posts. If you’ve already got the basics in place and then really want to impress however, it’s worth considering creating some engaging video content.

Have you been on Twitter or Facebook recently?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that videos now auto play, directly in your feed. Gone are the days of clicking or tapping the play button, now you’re likely to find yourself watching video content whether you choose to or not. Taken at face value this can sometimes feel a bit invasive. You may occasionally find yourself a minute into a video and suddenly realise you logged on to do something else entirely, you’ve had your attention hijacked! If you really consider this though, you can begin to understand how powerful a marketing tool these videos are.

No-one logs on to Facebook with the intention of kicking back and enjoying some advertising videos. Yet these days many people find themselves doing exactly that on a daily basis.

Simply put, if the video is engaging enough, people are likely to end up watching it, whether they intended to or not. Plus, right now we’re only thinking about people using Facebook in their downtime. Imagine the potential to reach people who are browsing with a specific interest in your goods or services. If people with little or no interest in can be reeled in for a minute or two, then what about those people who have an existing interest? The potential is obvious and vast, and it’s better to get on board sooner rather than later.

Let’s take a moment to think about why video content is really taking over.

It really all boils down to our ever decreasing attention spans! The modern internet user is generally considered to have an attention span shorter than ever before! It’s been said that if a webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load most people will move on to a different site. We’re all busy, so it makes sense.

With auto-playing videos your customer is immediately engaged, unlikely waiting for a webpage to load the content is immediately being delivered without them even having to leave their own Facebook or Twitter feed. This is an advertiser and marketers dream, and means it makes perfect sense to gear their content efforts towards this exciting medium.

It should also be fairly obvious that video content is more engaging to the end user than text on a page, they offer a chance to communicate verbally, with a friendly face and smile. On a psychological level we’re most likely to respond positively when engaged by a positive person and video content means affability can be projected far more effectively than with a block of text. On the most basic level, video content allows a brand, individual or company, to connect with their customers in a much more meaningful way. It provides a platform to directly address issues, comments or suggestions from users. Whether it’s good news, bad news or anything in between, it’s always better to deliver it in person rather than via text – video content is your perfect platform for this.

So now we’ve established what the point of all this is, let’s boil it down. Check out our 5 reasons to use video content in your marketing in our next blog! Alternatively, find out more about our social media marketing services here.

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