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Digital marketing comprises a vast range of different marketing activities. From short term revenue boosters such as pay per click (PPC) platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, to strategies for longer term growth such as SEO and website development, it’s quick to get out of your depth when dipping your toe into digital marketing. We distill what we’ve learned into practical and actionable steps designed to help business owners market their businesses more effectively online. We’ll talk you through tips for getting started with paid campaigns and advice for organic, unpaid optimisations you can make to ensure the time you spend on your marketing generates the best possible return on investment for you. We also keep you informed of any changes in the digital landscape that are likely to have an impact on your business. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to benefit from our digital marketing tips, you just need to want to grow your business.

6 Top marketing trends for 2017

Stick with us here. These up and coming “trends” may not be new to you, but they're still worth a look. Apparently internet marketing has been a thing for a while. We’re not saying you have to change what marketing you do, but when was the last time you checked up on...

4 things to do after your new website is launched

Congratulations on your new website! After lots of of tweaks and adjustments your website is finally live and you can sit back and watch the sales start coming, right? Wrong. Unfortunately having a new website is not quite enough to start ranking on the most popular search engines, as there is so much competition online in almost every industry, you need to keep going while you have momentum on your side. Here are our recommendations for the next steps to a high-ranking website.

8 tips to help start promoting your business online

So you have a nice shiny new website, it has just gone live and now you can sit back and relax and just wait for that phone to ring. Right?

Wrong. That would be a bit like building a shop in the middle of nowhere, no sign posts, no directions and worst of all no road! People simply would not find your shop and you could not rely on passing custom either.
To get people to find your website you need to make sure that the website code is valid, semantic and ideally updated frequently. Your web developer might have done these things for you – but if you are not sure then get in contact with us and we can give you a review.
Even the most perfectly built and designed website needs some work to get people visiting.
7 Free Ways To Promote Your Website

For any business marketing needs to be a continuous and on going effort. But actively promoting your website does not need to cost the earth. If you would like some more tips or are interested in our help to promote your website then just give us a call: 01483 799 475.

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