3 reasons why you should get our premium, eco-friendly hosting today

Simply put, if you want your website to offer a good user experience you need a good, high quality hosting service.

Like most things cheaper isn’t always better, so be sure to check what you are getting for you money before you invest.

1. Security

High quality hosting offers, first and foremost, high security. Cheaper, inferior hosting providers often store multiple websites onto shared servers. This means if one website is hacked, yours will often suffer as a by-product. If your hosting provider does not manage regular back-us of your site, you could be faced with a very big bill for building a brand new website. Once your site is hacked, Google will index the event and unfortunately, even-though it is not your fault, your rankings will suffer and you will lose any previous foundations laid with an SEO campaign. This penalisation could last for two or three months depending on how quickly your site was secured and recovered after the compromise.

2. Speed

A website that is slow to load will damage conversion rates. Waiting for a text information and images to appear is mostly a thing of the past, this problem is easily avoided by good quality hosting. When so many websites offer good loading time, why would someone stick around on a page waiting for a slow one to load? When your potential customer can read what they need to almost immediately, they can find the answers to their questions and decide whether your company is suitable for their needs.

3. Capacity upgrade

Your hosting company should be able to offer you different size packages. This could be anything from 1GB to 100GB+ of storage. Flexibility on size is worth looking into. If you wanted to upgrade to the next package up, what are the repercussions to your website? Can everything be moved over to a bigger hosting server with no down time for your website, i.e. is the hosting elastic scalable? Can you add a new email account to your hosting? Our Pro hosting has you covered on all these fronts.

We are excited to be able to offer you a brand new way to host your website. We have recently started working with a fantastic UK based hosting company who are storming ahead with eco friendly solutions for IT. Our new PRO level hosting service is powered by a 100% carbon neutral infrastructure and is fully cloud redundant, which means 100% uptime – your website server and emails will never go down.

What are the benefits of our new PRO level hosting?

  • 100% Carbon Neutral – Hydro energy investments to offset the carbon used by the servers
  • 100% uptime – The servers are located in a redundant cloud across the UK
  • At the forefront of cyber attack prevention, so they are stopped before they can affect your site
  • High quality site security
  • UK Based headquarters
  • Cloud hosting – this platform ensures that your website will never go down, you will be online 100% of the time

How to upgrade to our new PRO level  eco-friendly website and email hosting? Contact us today on 0845 6422 005

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