Why cookie permission and GDPR compliance is essential

By law, you must ask permission to use cookies when people visit your website
November 28, 2022
Category: Website design

Cookie permissions and GDPR

Websites rely on cookies – tiny files – to store information on peoples’ computers, be that a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. These can be used to tailor your experience when you use a website, but since they’re unique to each person, they can also be used for targeted advertising and tracking. They’re also especially useful for analytics data, which can help you learn more about how visitors use your website.

What does the law say?

Recent changes in the law and the introduction of GDPR established that websites must now ask for permission before using cookies, you might have notice cookie pop ups and banners when browsing the web yourself, usually with an allow or deny option.

The law says you must tell visitors to your website how you use cookies and obtain their consent before using them. If you don’t do this, the Information Commissioner’s Office can issue huge fines. Simply put, if you haven’t got this on your website, it’s highly likely you’re breaking the law.

How we can help

  • Set up a legally compliant cookie notice
  • Design the notice for best user experience
  • Ensure your website meets GDPR requirements
  • Review or re-draft your privacy policy

We’ve set up legally sound cookie notices on behalf of many of our clients and would be happy to do the same for you. We can come up with a user-friendly, non-obtrusive cookie pop up box or banner that causes minimal interruption to your visitors’ web browsing experience whilst ensuring your website is GDPR compliant. We can also tailor the design of your cookie consent box to gently encourage users to allow cookies to ensure that your useful analytics data is continues to be collected. Finally, we can also ask our legal team to review your privacy policy to ensure all the terms within are as they should be.

Is your website compliant?

By taking these precautions you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your website is compliant and you are not at risk of a fine from the ICO.

If you think you website may not be compliant please get in touch, we would be more than happy to take a look and let you know if any work is required.

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