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Your comprehensive guide to for anyone looking to start, or get more out of online pay per click marketing. If you aren’t sure if PPC is right for you, or if you’re really getting all you can out of your campaign this blog is for you. We collect all the latest PPC tips and tricks so that you can get more from your budget, and hit your goals. From Google Adwords and Bing to Facebook and more, we cover the things you can actually do to make real progress.

From highlighting the basic principles and KPIs that actually matter, to how to fit PPC into your bigger marketing picture. We go over the advantages and the limitations of pay per click marketing so that you can make sure your campaigns are focussed on achievable goals. We also pick out the developments in the increasingly competitive world of PPC that can make a real difference. Meaning you can work out what you need to do to have the biggest impact on your campaigns.

What are the Google sponsored links?

To advertise on Google search results and their content network of thousands of commercial and private websites advertisers sign up for an AdWords account. They then create text or image adverts, choosing from lists of keywords or phrases that will trigger their ads at a set or automatic cost per click (CPC/CPM) up to a specified budget.



We believe data should drive decision making, so we make sure to help you get the relevant tracking setup to ensure you know which marketing channels are working.


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Although self confessed tech-heads, our account managers will always endeavour to speak your language, understand your needs and help implement high returning strategies.


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Our experienced account managers will take the time to understand your business and your customers before we spend your advertising budget.  


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While we primarily help UK based small and medium sized businesses, we also get to work with some interesting clients in Europe and the US.