Google Ads Remarketing Campaigns

Google Ads Remarketing is a great way to continue to reach customers after they’ve visited your website or used your mobile app.
February 10, 2023

Google Ads Remarketing gives users who visited your website a cookie which means they will see your ads in Google Search or if they visit other sites in the Google search partners network.


  • You get a great ROI. Remarketing ads have a click-through rate that’s ten times higher than traditional campaigns, because they target people who have already clicked on your ad, browsed your site, watched your video, or otherwise engaged with your brand.
  • Ads appear to users even when they’re not searching on Google.
  • Remarketing campaigns also reach anyone browsing the Google Display Network, which includes over two million apps and websites, reaching 90% of all Internet users worldwide.
  • They’re relatively easy to create — with automated bidding strategies, remarketing ads optimise your bids for a higher conversion rate using machine learning.
  • Very specific targeting. For example, you can create a list specifically to reach customers who left your website with items still in their shopping basket or find people who viewed a particular product for a certain amount of time.


In order to track the behaviour of a customer, we add a snippet of code to the pages you want to track. This is known as a tag or pixel. Visitors can then become part of your remarketing audience list via their browser cookies (although the way this works is set to change for Google Chrome).

If you’d like to narrow down your remarketing so that ads only target users who’ve had a quality interaction with your site, we could also add criteria to your list which excludes people who have bounced or excludes people who have spent less than ten seconds on the site.

Other popular remarketing strategies include:

  • eCommerce remarketing targeted at people who added something to their cart. Create dynamic remarketing ads including those products to nudge people towards converting.
  • Remarketing aimed at people who visited your website. Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert after clicking on a remarketing ad.
  • Remarketing for people who watched one of your videos. If someone views your YouTube video or visits your channel, you can serve them with ads across the Google Display Network.
  • Remarketing to people who saw your paid search ads. If people don’t interact with your fist ad, research shows that the more a person sees it, the more likely they are to convert:
  • Remarketing to your existing customers. It’s always good practice to maintain an email list of your customers, and with Google Remarketing Ads you can upload these and retarget customers whenever they’re ****signed into a Google product or service such as the Android OS or their Gmail inbox.

At Alloy Marketing, we have years of experience with PPC marketing campaigns, and we have all the skills and knowledge required to launch a Google Remarketing Ads campaign that will give you a great return on your investment.

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