4 things to do after your new website is launched

Congratulations on your new website! After lots of of tweaks and adjustments your website is finally live and you can sit back and watch the sales start coming, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately having a new website is not quite enough to start ranking on the most popular search engines, as there is so much competition online in almost every industry, you need to keep going while you have momentum on your side. Here are our recommendations for the next steps to a high-ranking website.

1. Your site is optimised for SEO & mobile friendly

Your web designer should have optimised your site for SEO. This means they have made sure that the robots at google, as well as your target audience can:

  • Read your website easily
  • Enjoy their time there with fast loading pages and lots of information
  • Click lots of things on your pages
  • Navigate easily from page to page
  • Access all the important code markup such as SCHEMA which helps the search engine bots to understand what your website’s pages are each about.

The benefit of implementing these techniques from the start of your website build, is that the ground work for SEO is already laid. The intricate bits of code have been installed and you wont need to spend more time and money going back through every page.

If your site is not optimised for SEO, you can have a website SEO audit done. This is where website coding features are checked, analytics on pages are set up, to see where people stay the longest and the shortest amount of time and various other aspects of the website are considered for SEO compatibility. After this is complete, work can begin and making sure you are getting the most out of your website design.

2. Keep creating new content

Yes, your website is new, but that doesn’t mean you sit back and forget about it. Search engines are constantly looking for new and updated pages, so it is important that you keep on top of your website. This doesn’t have to be a daunting idea, a simple blog where you can post regular updates about your services, special offers and your top tips, is a fantastic way of offering something different to your customers, and will help separate you from your competition. A service website that, as well as selling, becomes a resource that people want to return to time and time again, is a proven way to make more sales, more often.

Not only will your customers love it, the Google robots are blog fans too. The secret algorithm used to determine who gets to Google’s most coveted top positions on the search results, will constantly be searching your website for new and updated pages.

3. Use social media to your advantage

Not having a Facebook business page, is now the exception to the rule. Your friends, family, acquaintances and potential customers are all on Facebook, and you can reach them. By creating a page for your business you can accumulate likes and a community of followers who will receive your updates! Now, that’s basicallly the equivalent of standing outside somebody’s place of work everyday and handing them your business card, day after day. You can launch competitions, referral schemes and even advertise here. Facebook has some specific rules though so make sure you stick to them or you risk being banned.

4. Make the most of free listings

There are literally hundreds of thousands of listings websites on the web that your new website could be listed-on. Making the most of these free profiles is time consuming but definitely worth it. A simple name, email address and phone number gives your potential customers, as well as the Google bot, reassurance that you are a real business and not a spammy site to avoid.

These are just some of the things you can be doing to help your new website do well. To do your investment justice don’t let these simple things pass you by. If you would like more information about our website marketing services, SEO services you can read more by clicking the links, or send us a message to find out how we can help using our enquiry form here.

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