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In the age of the internet many services, guides and pieces of advice that were once impossible to obtain are now right at your fingertips. With access to such a wealth of information, starting your own business has become a very attractive proposition. The problem for many business owners starting their journey is that amongst all this information it’s easy to get lost. Many websites contain conflicting information, with some guides to growing businesses completely contradicting others, it’s tough to know who to believe. For smaller and younger businesses with limited resources to draw on, making the wrong choice at this early juncture can be an expensive mistake. At Alloy we’ve worked with hundreds of small and growing businesses over the years, learning about their goals and creating marketing strategies to help achieve them. We now offer a business mentoring service that draws on this experience to offer invaluable guidance to those running their own businesses.

Benefit from our experience in many industries

The clients we’ve worked with come from a huge variety of backgrounds, from manufacturing and industry, through to fitness, food, nutrition, fashion, professional services, education and more. In helping these businesses we’ve learned a ton of useful information about how these worlds work. Our business mentoring service will help you understand the common pitfalls and mistakes in your industry, as well as guiding you toward spending your budget in areas you can’t afford to ignore if you want to grow your business.

Knowing your customers and your market

We’ll help you gain valuable insights into your target demographics without expensive trial and error processes to help fine tune your marketing. Not certain who your target market really is? We’ll collect the data needed to find out. If there are specific challenges or problems with your current strategy we’ll let you know right away so you avoid funnelling valuable time and resources into the wrong areas. If you’re already making some progress but feel something isn’t quite working we can carry out a full business audit of your online and offline chanbels to let you know how your focus can be adapted in order to achieve better, more reliable business growth.

We’ve gathered a huge range of insights into how best to communicate with customers in different demographics. We’ll help you streamline your business messaging for the most meaningful communication. Working with us, you’ll refine your value proposition to your customers; what is it that you are offering, why is it of value to your audience, what will they gain from it? This will in turn guide your communication with those customers. Understanding the pain points for your audience, knowing the obstacles that can prevent them from converting, then fine tuning your messaging to address these concerns is a much quicker process with mentoring from an experienced and widely read consultant.

Tried and tested knowledge of CRM solutions

We’ve used almost every customer relationship management solution on the market. Having become intimately familiar with each, we can help you understand the advantages and limitations of what’s on offer in order to kit you out with business management software that can boost your productivity through the roof. Similarly, if you rely on online booking systems, eCommerce solutions or other services which aren’t up to the task, we’ll draw on our experience implementing these for ourselves and our marketing clients to suggest superior alternatives for you. Our business mentoring service means you bypass the expensive trial and error processes that mean many new businesses find it difficult to stay afloat.

The most flexible business mentoring Manchester can provide

As your business grows, we’ll be here to grow with you. What’s right for a business in its first 12 months is rarely right for a business several years down the line. Since we’ve worked with both small businesses and large multinational companies, we’re able to provide the kind of professional business mentoring that can increase your efficiency and productivity no matter what stage you’re at.

Starting a business can be an intimidating prospect. A minefield of contradictory information and companies offering unproven services which look great on paper, but could be an awful match for your business. Take the worry out of growing your business with our mentoring service, give our friendly team a call for a chat and get the guidance your growing business needs today.

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