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Modern designs for multi-channel marketing campaigns. Build better branding by working with a team that understands you and your business.

Small Business Logo Design

At the heart of your business’s branding is your logo. Create instantly identifiable original designs that can be kept consistent across all your online and offline marketing. Make sure that your business makes the right impression with the logo that’s right for you and your brand. Our team are here to make sure that your logo does more than just look good, we’re here to make sure your logo is fit for your marketing.

How much does a logo cost?

There are lots of logo design options out there, from faceless freelancers to multi-national branding corporations. We offer flexible affordable design packages that are fit for startups as well as international level SME’s. We can adapt our services to your needs, creating digital design files based on your sketches or carrying out extensive competitor research to create a wide range of concepts, tailored for your target market. As an all round digital marketing agency we can ensure that your logo will be the best fit for your business and work well across all uses, from your website, to your business cards. Our high level marketing insights are available to help make sure your business achieves a long term return on your investment.

Should I start with a logo design?

If you’re setting up a new business, or looking to update your existing branding, logo design is going to be key. The design choices made when designing your logo will carry through to your website, uniforms, vehicles, business cards and pretty much everything else designed to match your business. It’s therefore important to get this right before you do the rest. You don’t want to cut corners on the logo design, if you go on to invest in a website or other marketing collateral then you may have to start again from scratch the next time you tweak your logo. For a consistent brand identity that will last for years to come it’s important to consider all the implications of your logo. Getting the logo right from the start is essential to achieving consistency and reducing the risk of costly changes further down the line.

Logo design for websites

As website design becomes more minimal, logo design continues to have a bigger impact on the look and feel on a website. We create a wide range of website styles for our clients but in all cases the logo has a huge influence on the end results. Not only do we help you design a logo that looks great, we help you make sure it will work well on your website. Key decisions such as colour palettes and fonts will have a major impact on what you can do with the rest of your marketing. Naturally, we’ll make sure you have high resolution design files for use in your website, social media and also any print work that needs doing.

Logo design process

Our logo design process is super flexible and can be scaled to your needs and budget. Our aim isn’t just to put something pretty on the page. Although our designs are super smart. It’s to make sure that the logo is the best fit for your business and your customers. For this reason our design process normally looks something like this:

  1. Competitor research. We work with you to learn about what you like and what you don’t like in other logo designs. This helps us rule out fonts or styles and identify a few key themes to explore. We’ll point out trends specific to your industry and help you convey your key USPs where appropriate. You’ll have a lot of input without needing to be a design expert yourself.
  2. Creating concepts. We’ll create a number of concepts so you can see what your ideas actually look like. You’ll have a chance to see how different fonts, icons and colours work together to create a single high impact logo.
  3. Further refinements. As we get closer to creating the finished design, we’ll make smaller tweaks and offer more refined variations. Maybe trying a slightly different shade or adjusting the relative sizes a touch.
  4. Final Design. When you’re completely happy with your logo – and we’re confident it will be able to meet your needs – we’ll create all the file types you need. We can generate different layouts and variations for your website, social media pages, print materials and anything else you need. We can also provide digital and print design services, so you can put your logo to quick use on a website or business card.

Frequently asked questions

We can deliver designs in any format you wish, including layered files. As standard we will provide high resolution PDF files, JPEGs and, where appropriate, scalable vectors.

  • High quality design concepts are valuable and require a commitment from the customer, so a 50% deposit – 50% on completion of project – agreement is requested
  • Payments accepted by bank transfer or card.

Yes, for any graphic design / web design / email template design, or any other type of design, once fully paid, then you own it and can have full access to the master files. The ownership of any logos, flyer designs and graphics will be transferred to you once the project has been paid in full and completed. You may then use them as you wish.


  1. Stock photographs that you have provided for your design are your responsibility / liability and we expect you to have gained copyright approval before sending any files to us.

We’re happy to include two rounds of edits for each design job we take on. Depending on the scale of the project we will try to be as flexible as possible. We want you to love your finished designs as much as we love making them.

Your graphic designs are all created by Alloy, however we act as a reseller for a fantastic UK-based, family-run printing company and also a budget, Netherlands-based printing company.

  • 2 options covers every customer requirement from budget to premium
  • We get a discount for buying in bulk
  • As we always provide the correct files for the printers – we help them cut down their admin costs
  • Which means unbeatable prices and quality
  • Standard turnaround is 9 working days
  • Express turnaround options available

Yes absolutely, if you’ve yet to get set up we can help and even decorate your new platform to properly match your wider branding.

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