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Impress visitors, gain likes & followers & convert more customers with social media header artwork design & profile pictures from experienced designers

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At Alloy we’re experts in all things social media. Having worked with the social and business features of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since the very start, we’ve watched the platforms evolve from simple networking and sharing tools into gigantic modern advertising platforms. We’ve worked with hundreds of growing businesses all with different levels of enthusiasm for social media. For many business owners, there are simply neither the time nor resources available to properly manage their social media presence. Yes, many have their own pages and many use them to post updates about their businesses, but in order to develop trust with potential customers and present the business in the most appealing way, it’s important to dedicate some time to social media. Our social media header artwork design service provides graphics created and optimised by our in house team for banners, profile pictures and posts on all channels, ensuring a professional, engaging appearance.

Professionally optimised images for your social media channels

For the many business owners who lack the time, technical knowledge or patience to focus on the appearance of their own social media channels, we offer a social media header artwork design service. Our service is offered in order to bring our client’s social media channels in line with the high quality images their customers see elsewhere on the social networking sites. Your images will be worked on by our in house graphic designers who have worked on engaging and attention grabbing header images for clients across a huge range of industries. Need more help with your social media? Take a look at our social media marketing service.

Why professional social media headers are important

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are primarily visual-first platforms. Logging into your Facebook feed often presents simply an endless list of eye-catching images and videos. Generally people, i.e. your potential customers, respond to things that take the least time to process. An image, for example, can be digested immediately, whereas blocks of text need to be read in order to be understood. This is the main reason why most social networks focus on visuals above all else.

Dated-looking social media channels are a huge turn off for new customers and with the rate that these platforms are evolving you only need to take your eye off the ball for a week or two to miss an important layout change. Many sites also dynamically crop and resize images depending on the device being used to visit them. Are you sure your YouTube banner looks as good on a mobile as it does a smart TV? Potential customers aren’t going to be blown away if half of your logo is cropped off when they visit your channels from their iPhone. Low resolution, fuzzy or badly cropped images set a low bar for the quality of product or service customers can expect from the business.

What we provide

We want to take all these time-draining considerations off your plate so that you can maintain your focus on the other areas of your business. We’ll provide you with everything you need to get your channels looking right up-to-date. We’ll even upload your new designs directly to your channels for you if you grant us access, saving you the hassle of logging in and out and navigating the often complicated control panels of the sites.

  • Our social media header artwork service provides:
  • High resolution, perfectly formatted header and profile images optimised to look great on all devices
  • Consistent use of your brand colours and logos across all channels
  • Design parity across different platforms; Twitter matches Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc.
  • Promotional, seasonal or other messaging to tie in with your business activity
  • Professional-level social media channels that convert more customers
  • Working with existing designs & logos or creating new ones

Need a little help?

If you think your social media channels could benefit from a more professional touch then reach out to the team today. If you’re only just getting started, you may also find our logo and branding services helpful. Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly what you need, our friendly team are always happy to have a simple, jargon-free chat to work out exactly what it is that would be best for you.

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