Alloy was founded in 2011 to find the best marketing solutions for small businesses. Having found many clients struggling to adapt to the switch to digital, we’ve developed the skills we need to generate long term growth through digital channels. Now working with a number of clients in diverse areas, we provide a trusted, all inclusive service so that business owners can focus on doing what they do best – running their business.

Complete digital marketing

We’re a small crew of young, growth obsessed marketers with a surprisingly wide range of skillsets. By bringing together all of the individual elements required for growth orientated marketing, we fit them into the bigger picture to deliver serious results.

Manchester based marketing agency

Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter we’re used to the best brews (both beer and coffee) and we’re not used to paying through the nose for them. You get what you pay for but being based up North means we expect to get great value for our clients. And being embedded in one



Managing Director

Having worked in marketing for over a decade, with experience running a range of companies from facilities management to telecoms and IT, Alex has always been inspired by technology and enjoy consuming and creating digital media, music, video and interactive websites.



Lead Account Manager

A keen creative collaborator and communicator Luke can coordinate content, web design and strategy. Previously working with startups in the coffee and cycling sectors, these are still areas of relentless personal pursuit. The epitome of which involves consuming way too much caffeine and then racing against Olympic cyclists on the velodrome.



Account Executive

A very creative person with a history of success marketing for numerous clients in the entertainment industry. While Graeme oversees and manages projects, he’s also an experienced content creator, having worked on numerous national and international campaigns creating film, audio and copy.

Sectors we love

We don’t like to be pigeon holed. Our dynamic process means we can learn from various sectors, disciplines and bring new practices to all of our clients. By drawing on our personal cravings to improve all round productivity, drawing on new technologies, management theories and

Health & Fitness

Full of diehard fitness freaks, our team loves to help health and fitness brands build stronger marketing.


We work with people who create great properties, make them better and keep them at their best.


From engineering to software, we work with British businesses who make things and help communicate what makes them awesome.

Cafes & Restaurants

With plenty of experince, creating, eating and marketing food (and coffee) we serve all kinds of hospitality businesses.

Food & Drink

The speciality food and drink industry is always a treat to work with. Brewers, roasters, bakers or any creators of edibles area good fit.


Many of our longest clients are those in the cleaning industry. Specialist restoration companies and diligent carpet cleaners included.

Clients in a wide variety of industries across the UK, benefit from our individual and packaged services.

We combine the most effective marketing techniques, experience and support to take their marketing to the next level and drive growth. With experience across many sectors in many capacities, we provide individual services, consulting and marketing packages, that cover the full brand creation > design > launch > promotion life cycle.

Service benefits

  • Clients have direct line phone contact to their account manager
  • That means 1 number to call & no call centres
  • Projects are always completed on-time and on-budget
  • Absolute transparency with our live reporting dashboards
  • UK based teams working on your projects
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