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Grow your fitness business
We can help with local SEO to get your service noticed in competitive environments, build custom websites to make it easier for customers to join and direct social media and PR for maximum engagement and effectiveness.
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Think of us as your marketing coach. We’ll help you grow the business while you help your clients reach their fitness goals.


We’ve done our homework on all the technical aspects of digital and offline marketing that mean we can keep you ahead of the curve.


We’ve got real world experience getting great results for small businesses. We don’t just know the theory, we can put it to use.


Ok, our tools aren’t made of iron, but we use advanced data collection and analysis tools to guide our work, and measure the results we get for you.

Fitness Marketing Services

Our fitness marketing agency brings a range of skills to help you market your gym or fitness business, including:

Logo Design & Branding

From making sure you communicate the right message to your target market, to designing a cohesive brand that works across your website and social media channels, we’re ready to pump up your image.

Website design

Our websites help you put your best foot forward with potential clients, conveying your brand message with eye-catching styling, future-proofed coding and the copywriters to help sell your service online.

Local SEO

We have all the tools required to collect vital data on a regular basis to maintain your presence online. Whether you’re a trainer, gym, physiotherapist or nutritionist, you can track your listings and our progress in managing them via our live reporting dashboards.

National SEO

We craft meticulously planned SEO strategies to lift your fitness brand up the Google rankings. We don’t just optimise your site so the Google bots fall in love with it; we build an online conversation about what you do to encourage links, mentions and social shares.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media strategies will improve engagement with your business and secure a foothold in the market. This isn’t unsustainable growth on steroids; we’ll give you a platform to build on so you can concentrate on what you do best.

The PT Package

Getting started as a personal trainer? Or do you just want to attract more clients? You’ve probably thought a bit about branding, a bit about social media and maybe you’re considering getting your own website. We’ve put all these together in a single programme to kickstart your PT career.

We know our marketing like you know your training. And in both cases, you’d never do one thing in isolation. As your single point of contact — dealing with your branding, your message and your design work — we can give your marketing a thorough workout. Not only will you get a consistent style implemented on a brand new website and social media designs, we’ll also help you identify what makes your training stand out from the crowd.

There’s no one-size fits all, but we’ve got all the basics covered in our PT Package.

Multi channel marketing

We’re big on compound movements, so our marketing can be used to hit all the major areas at once. By bringing together our full range of services and promoting your business across multiple channels, we’ll amplify your marketing results.

Our local SEO service will get your personal training, physiotherapy or nutrition service noticed in competitive environments, with custom websites built for maximum engagement and effectiveness.

Practical experience

We love talking about fitness. When we aren’t arguing about the latest protein shake the boss is experimenting with, you’ll find us in the gym, out on the roads, in the yoga studio or anywhere else you can get a good workout.

Our staff have (and in some cases still do) compete at a national level. We have a ton of experience working with fitness professionals and physiotherapists as trainees and in helping educate others on how to get the most out of their training.

We have the real world understanding of many of the challenges of training, so we will be able to help you communicate why your training works to potential customers.

Long term growth

The whole team at Alloy are passionate about health and fitness and this passion is obvious in our work. Drawing on our wide ranging expertise, we create informative original content and use it to bolster the authority of your fitness business.

Our strategies focus on growing your business long term, so you won’t be getting any flash-in-the-pan solutions here, this is genuine, bespoke content written by enthusiasts intended to transform your gym’s digital and physical presence.

Technical solutions

As advanced marketers and amateur athletes, we know there are a ton of killer apps out there. These days, the market is flooded with phone apps, website widgets, workout tracking platforms and wearable gadgets. We can help you make these work for your business, through consultation and implementation.

It’s important to get you onto the right systems that will support you in getting the most out of your clients. We often work with booking platforms that are ubiquitous across the fitness industry and payment platforms that work across multiple devices.

Our process:

As a fitness marketing agency with employees who are passionate about keeping fit, our workflow follows the same logic as proper personal training. It’s evidence based and, just like the best coaches, we have the experience to get the best results for our clients:


1) Research

We take the time to get to know you and your brand, gaining an understanding of your USPs.


2) Identify goals

Ever told your clients to pick an achievable, quantifiable goal? We’ll help you do the same for your marketing.

3) Make a plan

We’ll take our experience and industry best practices, then combine them to create the perfect programme for your business.

4) Implementation

Whether you want to have a lot of input yourself, or let us do the heavy lifting for you, we’ll collaborate closely with you to make that plan happen.

5) Tracking

You wouldn’t work with a client without measuring their progress, would you? We provide you with third party reports so you can see the results for yourself.


6) Repeat

This process never stops. As your business grows, we grow with you, keeping our fingers on the pulse and adopting our service to meet your changing needs.

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We provide marketing coaching so that you can train your customers to success