Website design for personal trainer in London

We were approached by one of the fitness industry’s leading strength coaches who was interested in a total website revamp.

The Challenge

We were approached by one of the fitness industry’s leading strength coaches who was interested in a total website revamp. We had recently completed a logo and branding refresh for the client and they were keen for this energising modern design to continue onto their site.

Much of the website content was already in place, but a significant overhaul was needed in order for the website to catch up with modern design trends. A clearer, more visually engaging style was a top priority to bring the website up to and above the level of other high end personal trainer sites. The foundations for a CMS website were already in place, so we wanted to make use of the work that had already been done. There’s no point starting from scratch when it’s not needed. However the existing framework had very limiting design options and simply wasn’t up to task being asked of it.

Our client had a strong vision of what he wanted to achieve, and high expectations of us as we’re sure he does of his PT clients. We would need to make a website that had a serious impact with a limited budget. Fortunately we had a fantastic library of photos to draw on and a ton of expertly written content we were itching to get stuck in. This content was already well structured so this would drastically reduce the labour (and cost) on our side.

In addition to input on the visual and informative aspects of the site, our client had a clear strategy of how he would use this website to grow his business. We like a man with a plan! Not only was he emphatic about the need for a slick blog (we couldn’t agree more how essential this is) he also wanted to capture visitor email addresses by offering the a free programme template on his home page. This would involve designing and hooking up a capture form to send email addresses to his email marketing platform.

The Solution

Having recently redesigned the client’s logo and wider branding too, we had the perfect colour palette and font in place as the foundation for website’s look. We really like building the minimalist style website’s the client was after, but achieving more with less if all part of the fun.

These seemingly small decisions have a huge impact on how people will perceive the business, especially if they come across it for the first time online. The client also kindly provided us with some examples of websites which they did and did not like, helping us to get off to a flying start – knowing what not to put into a website is as useful as knowing what should go into it.

Once navigation had been established and the hierarchy of the pages had been set up, we were able to begin pulling in the content from the previous website, saving the client the costs of new copy and content creation. Where required, the previous website’s content was adapted for best performance on the new design. Writing copy for a website is very different to creating other forms of content but we’ve had loads of practice picking out the key pieces of information and making sure they are displayed most prominently.

When the site was almost ready, a couple of quick calls with the client helped pin down the final tweaks in order to present the site exactly as wished. We added stylish blog functionality to the revamped site and provided instructions on how to use it so that the client could add their own content easily and cost effectively as the business continues to grow. The modern framework which the new site was built on ensures great functionality on mobiles and desktops for years to come; the best possible foundation for a business that is going from strength to strength.

On the technical front, we were able to get a much more advanced framework installed into the existing platform. This meant we could achieve so much more with what was already there. Because much of the content on the site was already in place, we needed to safely back it up before adding it on the new platform.

With the existing content backed up, were were able to begin redesigning the fundamental building blocks of the website. We built the new pages around a persistent navigation bar to enable visitors to easily move around the site no matter where they landed. All the new pages featured prominent high quality photographs used to make a big impact on visitors by showcasing the professionalism of the training on offer. There’s no doubting our client knows his stuff when you’ve seen a picture of him pulling hundreds of kilos off the floor. The redesign used built-in contact functionality as well as social media links to join the dots between the client’s various social platforms and encourage easy engagement. Visually, the redesign was built using flat, material design principles, a growing trend in website design and one sure to continue for many years due to the unparalleled ease of use it offers across all devices.

The Details

  • Developed on the WordPress CMS Platform
  • Branding, colour palette and logo previously worked on with the client
  • Likes and dislikes discussed, competitor websites analysed
  • Content safely backed up from existing site
  • Website pages and navigation rebuilt on new mobile-friendly, responsive platform
  • Flat, material design used across all pages for best user experience
  • Social media integration, contact functionality added
  • Blog platform with integrated RSS feed included to allow easy updates from the client
  • Old content reinstated on new site and arranged for best performance
  • Feedback from client on the final design
  • Sign off and delivery of the new site
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