Email template and automations for software company

We recently completed an email template design and several automations to help a client boost their relationship with existing customers.

Our brief

After helping a longstanding client with a full rebrand and website relaunch for their business we were asked to create an email template for use in Mailchimp. The template needed to show off the new company’s branding and facilitate special offers, follow up emails and abandoned cart emails. These offers and follow ups needed to be set up based on specific customer actions such as purchases from specific product categories, purchases over a certain amount of time ago and cross selling other relevant products based on an initial purchase.

Goal: Generate more sales through increased email contact with database

Our process

The basic template was built around the company’s new branding. The new logo was displayed prominently alongside liberal use of the band colours and fonts, keeping in mind the brand guidelines we had created when rebranding the business. Various illustrative imagery from the new site was put in place and links to key products and support options were displayed throughout the template.

Customisable areas filled with placeholder text for key messaging were built into the upper portion template. This allowed for different headlines and introductory text to be quickly and easily inserted without the need for extensive modifications to the template.

Once the template was complete the automations were set up within Mailchimp, these automations included:

  • Welcome messaging for new subscribers.
  • Emails triggered when a customer adds a product to their cart but does not complete a purchase.
  • Discount codes applicable to future purchases from product categories related to previous purchases.
  • Discount codes for customers who has previously bought from the business but had not returned for a period of time.
  • Courtesy follow up emails for customers 7, 30 and 360 days after purchases.

Our results

See some examples of our templates below. The discount code automations were particularly successful, generating significant additional revenue for our client.

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