Website design for project management app

Take a look at our recent website design for a project management app, creating a crisp and clean modern site for a cutting edge app.

The challenge

We were asked to develop a website for a new project management app. The app was designed for small to medium businesses to assist with their organisation including the tracking of time, wages and staff management. Despite having a relatively in depth feature set, the site would need to be extremely user friendly and clear in order to convince new users to try it out. Features would need to be distilled into succinct feature highlights to avoid intimidating potential customers.

Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 3.55.33 pm - Website design for project management app

A clean layout and simple navigation mirrored the great user experience offered by the app

The solution

We drew heavily on the brand’s eye catching colours and the specification of the app to create a website that matched the look and feel app as closely as possible. This sent a clear message to visitors to the website that they were in the right place, making browsing the site more comfortable and intuitive for those familiar with the app. For those unfamiliar with the app, the new site oriented visitors in the language and styling of the brand, meaning that when they came to use the app they would find the process as seamless and trouble free as possible.

The site was built around ease of navigation, with a simple persistent header menu allowing users to easily navigate to pricing pages and contact form. Providing a great user experience was vital to convince visitors of the value and quality of the app. Our experienced copywriters were able to study the app and effectively distill its feature set into an accessible yet detailed form, perfect for a punchy website that gets the attention of its visitors.

Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 3.56.14 pm - Website design for project management app

The lower half of the pages offered further navigation options, allowing interested visitors to quickly and easily learn more.

The details

  • Brand guidelines created to ensure website matches app content
  • Simple navigation and smooth performance using latest HTML5 coding
  • Responsive design for flawless performance across mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Easily accessible pricing structure and contact information