Fitness & gym conversion optimisation

We use data to optimise your website & increase how many visitors convert into customers with gym & fitness conversion rate optimisation.

Gym & fitness conversion rate optimisation to lift your sales stats

Alloy are all about being fit for purpose. Because we ourselves live and breathe fitness, we understand what your customers are looking for. Gym & fitness conversion rate optimisation is the process of iteratively improving a website to make it easier to understand, easier to use and more compelling for the user. In turn, this increases the chances of a visitor becoming a customer.

It’s one thing to drive traffic to your website, whether you’ve been running a long term SEO campaign, investing in PPC or just telling people to check it out in person, but once visitors get to your site you want them to have the best possible experience. Otherwise you won’t be getting the most out of our efforts to get them there. We can setup and run a/b split testing campaigns on pages of your website to monitor and iteratively improve the performance of pages and the site as a whole. We identify what your customers respond to best, then roll it out across the wider site.

As Google’s algorithms highly favour regularly updated websites with unique and informative content, the demands on modern website owners increase. Continuous improvements to a website’s design and function are now expected. With each change comes a new set of variables that could help or hinder performance. We are here to help you track, break down and build upon that data, for the benefit of your business.

How do we deliver results

We draw on a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to get the most out of your website. Our experience in building websites for the sports and fitness industry means we have a very practical understanding of what customers are looking for. In addition to our user experience and user interface analysis skills, we draw on powerful data collection tools to take out the guesswork. We monitor traffic, find out where your visitors are coming from, collect data on bounce rates and then supercharge your digital presence for maximum effectiveness.

We have a full range of in-house web designers, copywriters, graphic designers and a host of marketing consultants with experience of working with physiotherapists, nutritionists, trainers and gyms. Not only can we figure out what may be holding your website back, we can fix and fine tune it too.

Detailed data, regularly delivered via PDF is decoded for you to illustrate your progress. As your campaign moves forward we fine tune our approach to not only optimise your conversion rate, but to bring in more new customers and increase your total conversions.

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Frequently asked questions

The bounce rate of a website refers to the percentage of visitors who visit (or land) on the site then quickly leave the site (or bounce). It is used to give an idea of the quality of the site. Sites that have an easy to understand layout and are simple to navigate tend to have the lowest bounce rates.

That depends on the amount of traffic to your website. Get in touch and we can take a look and give you an idea. In many cases once work begins we’ll have useful data within a few days.

A/B split testing distributes two different versions of your website’s landing pages equally amongst visitors to the site. The different pages may use different images, layouts, colour palettes or words. By monitoring the bounce rate of traffic to these pages we can get an idea of the type of content and presentation that is most effective for your business.

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