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We have extensive experience working with brands in the world of fitness. As well as being keen fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know clients from across the spectrum, nutritionists, supplement brands, trainers, gyms and more. During the course of our work we’ve conducted many hours of research into the branding conventions and trends within difference niches of the industry. Working with us for your fitness branding, you’ll benefit not only from this knowledge, but also from our experience in web design and print design. The bonus is that all branding we create is also built with a clear picture of how it will be used, something artists and designers without this insight often don’t consider. In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded fitness marketplace great branding is essential and our designers can deliver exactly what you need to make the cut. Work with a fitness branding agency that truly lives and breathes the world of fitness.

What we offer

We use a data-driven approach in everything we do. Whilst part of the designing process is creative and visual, it’s important to draw on data in order to make informed, practical decisions. To this end, the first stage of any fitness branding project is to carry out thorough competitor research to establish the design trends within your industry niche. Every fitness brand is different and each niche within the industry has its own unique trends and conventions; a strength trainer’s branding would be vastly different to that of a gym or a supplement brand and different again to that of a yoga teacher. In an industry with a great deal of competition, our research keeps us on the pulse of current developments. Whilst we have spent many hours carrying out this type of research for our previous clients, there is always more to learn, so we always start here.

Jargon free competitor analysis

Competitor information is assembled into a document, then broken down and analysed to understand the trends in typography, layout, colour and so on. This information is then presented to our clients, minus the jargon. We know not everyone has a designer’s eye, so we’ll explain our findings in layman’s terms. We take the time to chat through the research with each new client to build a clear picture of what they like. Sometimes clients have a strong sense of what they like and what they don’t, but it’s no problem if you’re not sure. We’re here to guide and help you understand the pros and cons of different design choices to help you make an informed, data-driven decision.

Multiple rounds of edits

With the competitor research complete and the results discussed with the client, we proceed to the concepts stage. Here we create a colour palette, collect a number of suitable typefaces and define the basic elements of a logo. We arrange these into a number of concept designs, drafts intended to show several directions in which the branding could be taken. Often small differences between fonts can have a big impact on the look and feel of the final branding, so our designers play around with several different ideas.

When the concepts are complete they are delivered to the client. Just like with the competitor research we gather feedback and refine our direction further. Whether you know exactly what it is you like about one design over another, or simply have a gut feeling, we’ll work with you to understand exactly what it is about your chosen branding that you prefer. Once we understand your preference, we’re able to proceed to refining the concepts into drafts of the final design. We’ll continue to play around with some of the themes and styles, but by this point we’ll have a strong sense of where we’re heading, the colour palette to be used and the general style of the branding.

Feedback and delivery

The completed drafts are then delivered for feedback and we then proceed to finalising the branding. Any last tweaks are discussed with the client and finally we deliver the completed product. The final branding designs are sent via email in multiple formats to enable easy use wherever our clients see fit. We provide high res PDFs, scalable vectors, low file size JPEGs and print ready files. We can also add your new branding to business cards, stationary and other offline marketing materials, arranging printing and delivery to make the process as easy as possible for you. Your new branding can also be adapted for specific uses such as Facebook header art, branded social media posts, Twitter avatars, LinkedIn header art and anything else that might be useful.

Need a hand creating modern, future-proof branding for your fitness business? We’ve worked with trainers, gyms, supplement brands and more, we’d love to offer you the benefit of our experience to help you with your fitness business. Get in touch today for a chat with one of our friendly team, as fitness enthusiasts ourselves we’re sure we’ll have a lot to talk about.

Frequently asked questions

We can deliver designs in any format you wish, including layered files. As standard we will provide high resolution PDF files, JPEGs and, where appropriate, scalable vectors.

  • High quality design concepts are valuable and require a commitment from the customer, so a 50% deposit – 50% on completion of project – agreement is requested
  • Payments accepted by bank transfer or card.

Yes, for any graphic design / web design / email template design, or any other type of design, once fully paid, then you own it and can have full access to the master files. The ownership of any logos, flyer designs and graphics will be transferred to you once the project has been paid in full and completed. You may then use them as you wish.


  1. Stock photographs that you have provided for your design are your responsibility / liability and we expect you to have gained copyright approval before sending any files to us.

We’re happy to include two rounds of edits for each design job we take on. Depending on the scale of the project we will try to be as flexible as possible. We want you to love your finished designs as much as we love making them.

Your graphic designs are all created by Alloy, however we act as a reseller for a fantastic UK-based, family-run printing company and also a budget, Netherlands-based printing company.

  • 2 options covers every customer requirement from budget to premium
  • We get a discount for buying in bulk
  • As we always provide the correct files for the printers – we help them cut down their admin costs
  • Which means unbeatable prices and quality
  • Standard turnaround is 9 working days
  • Express turnaround options available

Yes absolutely, if you’ve yet to get set up we can help and even decorate your new platform to properly match your wider branding.

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