Planning, production & editing. A Video marketing service for training & product videos, demonstration videos, explainers & social media content

After launching you digital channels and presenting your business to the world, you’ll need to start thinking about how to reach and connect with your customers. As we’ve covered in our previous blogs, the next step in terms of SEO and business growth is often to come up with a content strategy.

Typically most start with a blog, written content that can be published each week that covers the sort of things your customers might be searching for. Over the last couple of years, video content has become an extremely popular choice. Whether for a YouTube or Vimeo channel, Facebook header art, social media posts or your landing page, video offers an instant connection with customers. If done right it can be extremely engaging and a powerful tool to increase conversions. Having helped a number of clients with their video content as well as making our own, we now offer a video planning, production and editing service to help businesses get started with theirs.

How we produce video content

To work with us for your video marketing you do not need any previous experience working with video content. We can work with you from the beginning to plan a single video, or a series of clips. We’ll work with you to understand what sort of video content is going to be the most useful for your business. If you sell physical products, videos showcasing these and explaining their features can be a valuable conversion tool. If you’re a service provider or trader, DIY or quick tip videos are a great way to build your business’ trust and authority amongst your audience.

Filming videos for social media, websites, newsletters and more

Once you’ve got a clear idea of the point of the video content, we can start to think about filming. If you’d like to do it yourself we’ll offer guidance and advice on how to do it properly. Remember a bad video isn’t going to do much good for building your business’ reputation, so try not to rush into it (tip – hold your phone landscape, not portrait!). If you need a little more hands-on help with filming we can help you with this also.

Editing your video and adding branding, logos and watermarks

We can help you edit your video once it has been filmed. This could be something simple like trimming the start or the end of the clip, or something more professional like adding an introduction, or including extra shots to give examples or illustrate points. You’ll also get the advantage of our graphic design experience, we can add text to your videos in brand colours or add logos and watermarks.

How to use your video content

Once your videos are ready to use we can help you get them where they need to be. If you’d like to use them on your website we’ll do this in the most effective way and avoid slowing down your site load speed with large files. We can integrate your videos into your email newsletters, prepare them for social media posts, upload them to your YouTube & Vimeo channels. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure the videos are properly formatted and encoded for best performance. If you’d like to use your videos as promoted posts on social media we can administer the campaign for you, setting up targeting and budgets and ensure your video appears front and centre on your page.

When to use a video marketing service

There are many, many potential uses for video content. We’re happy to help whatever your aims are:

  • Corporate video production
  • Corporate video advert production
  • Corporate explainer video production
  • Corporate training video production
  • Social media video posts
  • Social media video header art
  • Website landing page videos
  • Video marketing services
  • Video SEO services
  • Youtube marketing & SEO services
  • Video syndication services
  • Video advertising management services

If you’re interested in getting started with video content or would like to help with an existing project give us a call. Whatever your situation, we love helping businesses come up with interesting and engaging content and would be delighted to work with you.

Frequently asked questions

Sometimes the best way to capture video for a client’s digital channels is by filming or photograph on site at their premises. We have the experience and the equipment to produce highly affordable, professional quality photo and video content. If you’re within 20 miles of Manchester we’ll happily visit you to capture great content at no additional cost. For those a little further afield we’re happy to travel to you too with a small increase in price to cover our travel expenses.

Yes we can produce a wide variety of videos with gallery and image slideshow effects. We can work with images from anywhere, even from you smartphone. We can create anything from powerpoint style slide shows, to piles of polaroid-style virtual photographs and annotated clips set to music, or even with a voiceover. We’ve got cutting edge graphic design and photo editing software at our disposal so there’s an amazing amount of things we can do manipulate images. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get to work making it happen.

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