Video marketing services

With video content taking websites & social media stay ahead of the competition with great value video marketing services to make you stand out

Video production & marketing services

We design and deliver video marketing campaigns for small and large businesses. Utilising high impact clips, explainers and adverts, published online and promoted across the internet.

Benefits of video marketing services

The simplest and most direct way to get the attention of your customer is with video content. Would you rather scroll down a webpage to read several paragraphs of text, or sip a cup of tea and watch an engaging two-minute video clip presented with a friendly, human voice? We can help with scripts, production and marketing of your audio visual content.

Stand out from the crowd

We’re seeing an overload of mediocre video content, a sort of visual white noise. This presents an opportunity for those in the know to really stand out. Alloy’s team includes a network of experienced professionals from the music and media industries who are passionate about creating professional content the right way, from idea to finished product, tailored to your needs.

Customised music & sound

YouTube and other video sites have cracked down on using third-party soundtracks, where you could once use any piece of music on your video, we now see videos immediately flagged for copyright infringement for borrowing existing music. Alloy can help you avoid all this hassle by drawing on our network of signed artists. Got something in mind? Let us know, and our team will get to work creating an original sound bed or jingle for your brand.

  • We can create and then optimise your profiles for you on any of the biggest video website platforms including: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine etc.
  • We can create your business profile on each network ,creating a unique biography for each network, then optimising these profiles with header artwork and a custom designed profile thumbnail
  • Please contact us to order

Video META optimisation & SEO

  • We will choose the title, descriptions and meta data for your new video based on extensive keyword research
  • After choosing the keywords to target your video we will use these throughout the description and meta data, to make your video easy to find by people and search engine bots
  • This service is included in some of our production bundles above, or can be purchased separately – please contact us to order

Video social engagement

  • Gaining shares, comments, likes & engagement on each of your videos, helps them to rank better (on Google search AND Youtube search) and generates more views
  • We can give your new video(s) a head start with our starter social package, which gives your videos a burst of shares to generate more views and give the video some traction online

Video marketing packages

  • If you have more than 1 video and intend to keep trying to get more views of your videos, we highly recommend a monthly marketing plan we we will can each month to increase the social engagement signals for your videos, boosting their ranking potential.
  • Please contact us to order our monthly video marketing & SEO plans

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