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Impress your customers with engaging soundtracks & jingles custom made by music producers at great prices using our video soundtrack service

At Alloy we’re a multi talented team, our staff have wide ranging experience creating audio adverts for national radio and international streaming services

If you’re keen to have your company seen at the forefront of modern digital marketing you’ve probably already considered some form of video marketing. The path to a good piece of video content is changing. With tighter restrictions from YouTube on third-party soundtracks, finding an engaging soundtrack can be expensive and daunting. Alloy are experts at creating bespoke soundtracks for video content which are both unique and affordable. Our video soundtrack service provide everything from custom sound beds to brand new original jingles to ensure your business stays at the front of your customer’s minds.

Why video soundtrack service are important

Think about how you feel when you hear a piece of awesome music. That music puts us in a positive state of mind. Studies have show that when listening to music people become more open to new ideas. This openness affects how people view products and services being advertised to them. We’ve all had an advertising jingle stuck in our head for hours, It’s tried and tested. Many big campaigns have become known as much because of their music as their products.

Why use Alloy? We guarantee no licensing issues

YouTube and Facebook are now more active than ever in tracking down and removing videos that use unlicensed third party soundtracks. Traditionally you would need to track down the copyright holder and ask for permission before posting. Even after this is done properly, Facebook and YouTube generally pull down videos automatically and the onus is on the user the insist they have been granted permission to use the soundtrack in order to get the video back online. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? It is! With Alloy Marketing’s video soundtrack service there’s no chance of this happening. That’s because we can produce original pieces of soundtrack music free from any kind of licensing restriction. Best of all, it’s affordable even to small businesses.

Tailor made soundtracks, without breaking the bank

If you’re dead set on using a popular piece of music to soundtrack your video content, don’t give up hope just yet. Our specialist production has unique experience creating sound-a-likes of popular music and working to briefs. When you want a particular style of music for your campaign, just ask! We’re here to hand craft you the soundtrack you’re looking for and, with our experienced team, can do this promptly and efficiently. Don’t settle for unremarkable library music, your business deserves it’s own personal identity.

Jingle and voiceover production

Our team are experienced in both radio advertising and voiceover work. If you’d like to create a catchy jingle to soundtrack a video for your business that’s no problem. We use a range of top-notch equipment to build great sounding i-dents, custom-made for your business. If you’d like a friendly voice to explain various aspects of your business on your video marketing we’d also love to help, writing scripts too where necessary. Our quality voiceovers have appeared on national campaigns, always at local prices. Traditionally these services would cost thousands of pounds, but with our cutting edge software we are able to offer these services at far more accessible prices.


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