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Embrace video content for social media, websites, training videos & YouTube content with our great value corporate training video production service

Corporate videos can be a fantastic means to let your customers know what you specialise in and how your company is growing

Video content is without a doubt the most efficient and attention grabbing way to speak to your customers. With videos auto-playing in Facebook and Twitter feeds and a ton of new content hitting YouTube every day, it pays to join in sooner rather than later. With slick, professional corporate video production now within financial reach of even the smallest business, now is the ideal time to take the lead over your competition.

Why use corporate video

It is so much easier to let people know about your company in a short video than several long paragraphs. Especially when we talk about new customers, you’re far more likely to keep their attention with a corporate video than any other means.

Corporate video offers the chance to put a friendly face to a business. When potential customers see a professional quality video presented by a human being, they’re far more likely to respond positively. Video content like this also gives you a chance to offer simple explanations for your services or products that might be harder to explain in text. It offers a chance for you to enthuse about what you do and enthusiasm in you breeds enthusiasm in your customers.

Why choose Alloy Marketing for your corporate video production

At Alloy we know content, it’s what we do. We’ll make sure that your corporate video delivers all the information it’s supposed to, in the clearest way possible. We have a complete knowledge of the necessary file formats and can tailor videos to suit specific digital platforms. We are kitted out with the latest editing and production software so you can be sure that, no matter what your budget, you’ll get world class results.

Brand idents, intros & outros

Our logo design and branding services also come into play here. We can add branding to existing videos, create intros and outros, soundtracks and voiceovers. If you’ve already captured the footage we produce the final cut, or if you’d like our help from the start we can manage the entire process.


With Alloy, professional standard corporate videos are within your reach, whatever your budget. If you’re at all curious about video content we’re here to demystify it and deliver the results to you. Get in touch for a chat, we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

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