Corporate training video production

Create a clear & coherent message for your staff with our corporate training video production service, work with a single company to handle all production

Corporate training videos can be a fantastic means to keep staff in the loop about developments and protocol in your company

Video content is really the holy grail these days, providing a convenient means to efficiently deliver information in our current climate of easy distraction and short attention spans.

Why use a corporate training video production service

Professionally produced corporate training videos offer a range of benefits to businesses of all sizes. When new staff join a company, for example, it can take weeks of explanations and demonstrations to bring the new recruits up to speed on company life, be that workflows, timekeeping or company best practise. Corporate training clips offer a shortcut, clear in their explanation and efficient in their presentation, they are a lasting resource that staff can refer to so they pick up the ropes and reach maximum productivity quickly. Sure, you could use lengthy PDFs, but they’re often so dull to read that staff will simple ask for help rather than dig through to find the answer.

Corporate training videos get the attention of staff and deliver information quickly, so can be extremely useful in delivering company news to the workforce. New rules, important legislative changes, meetings; for anything that it’s essential is understood by your staff, corporate training videos deliver the info in the best way possible.

Why choose Alloy Marketing to create your corporate training video

Our knowledge of content creation means we build you the video that you want and it does the job properly. Whether you need a human face to talk to the viewer and deliver critical information, or a screen capture video that demonstrates software functionality on desktop or mobile systems, we have the latest technology and editing software for the job. This really is available to businesses of all sizes, we make pro-level content, but we’re also efficient, so whatever your budget requirements we’ll find a solution that works.

We’re not just a one trick pony either, we can script, film, edit, soundtrack the footage, a full production service. We’re happy to take input from you or work solo and we’ll put in the preparation to time to ensure that no critical information gets missed from your corporate training series. Our team of top level copywriters are always on standby to check scripts and dialogue so you can be confident your message will be delivered as clearly as possible.

With Alloy, professional standard corporate training videos don’t have to cost the earth. We’re here to help you whatever your requirements, so if you think a training video might be useful for your business get in touch today for a no obligation chat about how we can help.

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