Original music soundtrack production service

Get bespoke royalty-free music to use for your business from professional music producers at unbeatable prices with our music soundtrack production service

Making a noise

Many businesses are venturing into home made audio visual content to engage with their customers. Few get it right, and getting it wrong can make your business seem bland and uninspiring. Are you making the most of your potential? Alloy Marketing would love to help, we offer a music soundtrack production service producing new royalty-free, original music to your specification, created by experienced producers.

What gets your attention?

The simplest and most direct way to get the attention of your customer is with video content. Would you rather scroll down a webpage to read several paragraphs of text, or sip a cup of tea and watch an engaging two-minute video clip presented with a friendly, human voice? Wherever there’s a video, there’s a soundtrack to go with it. You could simple go for an original sound bed to avoid any potential issues with licensing rights and copyright infringement, or get your own business jingle to catch your customer’s attention and grow your brand identity.

Audio visual overload

Have you noticed videos now automatically begin playing in your browser, without you even having clicked them? Home computers and cheap software have led to a boom in poor quality video advertising cobbled together using the most basic of equipment. We’re seeing an overload of mediocre video content, a sort of visual white noise. This presents an opportunity for those in the know to really stand out. Alloy’s team includes a network of experienced professionals from the music and media industries who are passionate about creating professional content the right way, from idea to finished product, tailored to your needs.

It’s the little things…

As an example, think about how you feel when you hear your favourite music. Great music instantly brings a smile and lightens the mood, it makes people more relaxed and open to new ideas. In your video content, music will likely be the first sound heard by your customer. It is your first point of contact; your first and only chance to engage. Yet many businesses simply omit music altogether, or settle for a bland and generic sound bed simply to fill the silence.

YouTube and other video sites have cracked down on using third-party soundtracks in recent years; where you could once use any piece of music on your video we now see videos which borrow existing music immediately taken offline and flagged for copyright infringement. Alloy can avoid all this hassle by drawing on our network of signed artists and composers. Got something in mind? Let us know, and our team will get to work creating an original sound bed or jingle for your brand.

Watch it grow

Proper audio visual content is the modern day jingle, giving your customers something more; a fleshed-out, engaging experience beyond the bare essentials. Over time, repeated themes build a familiar and friendly brand that stands out from background noise of our digital lives.

If you’re looking to really connect with your customers and put a friendly face to your brand, get in touch with Alloy Marketing and have a chat with us. We’re passionate about creating professional audio visual content, we’re perfectionists, and we’re here for you.

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