Branding for industrial supplies company

A recent eCommerce website built for an industrial supplies company including branding and built in sales functionality.

The Challenge

When we began working with this startup there was the beginning of a brand in place, but the client wasn’t completely happy with it. As we were going to be working with them on the website, the first stage was to put in place stronger foundations for a long term brand.

As a supplier of industrial consumables focussed on online sales to the construction sector, the branding needed to stand out against a range of larger and long-established competitors. Not only did the logo need to work well as a stand alone design, we also had to keep in mind how the logo would influence the design of the website. With the online presence of the business not yet fully established we were in a great position to plan ahead as we crafted the branding.

Our first task was to dig into some competitor research to learn a little more about the client’s competition and the general design language of businesses within that sector.

The Solution

The client had some clear ideas about what they liked and disliked from existing brands. We collected a sample of logos and branding already in use by existing companies in this sector and discussed these at length with the client. Staying in close communication at all times, we narrowed our focus onto branding that incorporated round edged logos with a sense of flow to their appearance. We broke down some of the client’s favourite existing designs into their component colours in order to create a new original palette from which to create the branding.

As the client had limited resources to allocate to their branding we spent extra time defining and refining exactly what their preferred designs were before proceeding to the drafting stage. With the colour palette now settled upon and a strong sense of how the logo would look, we were able to streamline the drafting process. We presented a number of typeface choices to the client, all influenced by the branding which we had discussed earlier. Working with the client, we quickly honed in on the final branding, which was then promptly completed by our designers in a range of shapes and sizes suitable for social media, the website, workwear and beyond.

The Details

  • Analysis of competitors’ branding
  • Range of existing brands’ designs discussed with client
  • Scope of project refined
  • Draft designs presented to client
  • Final branding concepts approved
  • Font, logo and branding rendered by design team
  • Branding delivered to client in all appropriate formats including print-ready files and high resolution vector files