Webdesign for bridal artist and photography company

Take a look at how we put together a modern website design for a prominent bridal makeup artist specialising in Asian and Indian brides.

The challenge

Uzma is qualified professional asian bridal makeup artist, working with her own in-house photography and videography team, based in Manchester, UK. The company offers a comprehensive wedding service to take the stress of you on your special day, with makeup artist, photography, videography and printing options for the finished products. This small of highly skilled professionals were specialists in the extravagant visual style of asian wedding and wanted to expand awareness of this focus with a stronger online presence.

The solution

Being a very visual service, this website design project was intended to have a big visual impact from the start. Drawing on the clients extensive port folio of work which was professional photographs of elaborate makeup techniques, we created a number of different service pages and galleries to cater to the interrelated services that Uzma’s offer. As guided by the client, we opted for a vibrant colour palette and used large amounts of copy to establish a strong SEO potential.

The details

  • The website features a mobile phone and tablet friendly design top ensure maximum accessibility by the full range of customers
  • The design features multiple sliders and dynamic sections to the website that add variety and movement whilst conserving screen space to be able to condense large sections of information into an accessible format
  • Call to action buttons contrast with the design that includes a variety of CSS3 effects and colour schemes, ensuring an eye catching but also easy to navigate user experience
  • A dynamic blog with RSS feed is used to keep the website up to date, with fresh news and pages for Google to crawl
  • Multiple animated sliders with mobile friendly minimisation for speed
  • Secure contact enquiry form
  • Frequently asked questions platform
  • Google analytics visitor tracking