Webdesign for Clinical Hypnotherapist

Advanced Hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programming & Time line therapy. Maureen Payne is a qualified and experienced advanced hypnotherapist formerly of the York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare.

The challenge

Advanced Hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programming & Time line therapy. Maureen Payne is a qualified (BA CMH CHYP MPNLP) and experienced hypnotherapist formerly of the York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare.

As a member of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners, a Member of the British Counselling Association and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming she is skilled in her field. Maureen is also a Stress Management Consultant and is registered with the NHS and BUPA. Alloy were asked to create a website to showcase Maureen’s achievements and attract new business.

The solution

The website Hypnotherapy York – offers a convenient and professional means for customers to find out more information about the service provided, as well as providing background information about the background and origins of this form of therapy.

The details

  • Secure, convenient contact form
  • Website search functionality, to identify specific services
  • Website visitor tracking & reporting
  • Conversion tracking to collect data on website performance
  • http://www.hypnotherapyyork.co.uk/