Website design for counsellor & therapist

Based in Hebden Bridge, GECT provide comprehensive mental health services in Yorkshire.

The challenge

G.E.Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, provide comprehensive mental health services in Yorkshire and across the North of the United Kingdom. Treatments utilise solution focussed talking therapies as well as psychodynamic theory with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), eye movement de-sensitisation (EMDR) and clinical hypnotherapy services.

“Using clinically recommended therapy we can help you recover from past events or situations that are stirring up negative thoughts and feelings for you in the present. If you have already had an experience which has left you with disturbing or distressing thoughts, images or sensations we can help. Our services are suited to individuals, couples, families and small groups.”

We were asked to design and new and up to date website to showcase the company’s offerings.

The solution

The website was designed in compliant HTML and strict CSS, which makes it fast to load and search engine friendly. Almost all the internal pages are accessed through text links also known as ‘anchor text’. Google places significant weighting on a link’s anchor text and recommends utilising keyword rich and descriptive link text for maximum search engine compatibility.

Although this can make navigation less clear (as many links to the same page have different link text) there is a convenient link in the top right to access the ‘all services page’ where everything is listed clearly and easily. The home page of a website tends to gain the most PageRank and to aid the flow to other pages, descriptive anchor text is the most effective option for increasing search visibility for particular keywords.

The details

  • Complete redesign of website to new modern standards
  • Mobile / Tablet compatibility
  • Search engine optimisation for best possible visibility in search results to generate maximum leads
  • If you would like more information on our services please contact us today for a friendly chat and a free, no obligation quote.