Website Redesign for Specialist Cleaning Company

The end result is a website that stands out and shows the high quality of work that this growing, specialist cleaning company provides.

The Challenge

A long term client of ours needed a bit of an update for their website. After many years of service, the aesthetic didn’t stand out from the crowd as much as it used to. With the addition of several new, higher end services to the client’s offerings, we also needed to restructure the website in order to make it easy to navigate the wider services on offer.

The plan for updating the look of the website was to work towards a more spacious and refined design. As with many websites and design trends, less is more, so this is what we we set our sights on. The core services and business information would stay the same and we continued with the same CMS for consistency in the look and feel of both the front end and the back end functionality. As the original website performed very highly in search engine results, we needed to be careful not to disrupt these high rankings. To combine both design and functionality for all users, we also needed to ensure that the website would be responsive and functional on mobile and tablet screens of all sizes.

The Solution

For this project, the client wanted to keep their distinctive tone of voice and so provided all copy for these new services. Our role was to help create the new hierarchy of services and ensure that this writing was put to good use. Having a very strong vision for the website design, we kept in very close contact with the client for the duration of the project to ensure the that this vision became reality.

To update the look and feel of the website across the board, we used a new framework in combination with the existing CMS. This enabled us to achieve a modernised look with improved functionality and security, while keeping the core and content of the website the same. With many of our clients, we draw on what’s already in place to a certain degree. This enables us to keep brand consistency while at the same time making a step forward. Of course the balance of old and new will vary from case to case so we spend a lot of time probing what works well and what needs to be improved with each of our clients.

A key aspect of updating the look was to flatten the design of the website. We isolated the key brand colours and used them to create a dramatic effect for buttons and highlights that stood out amongst the acres of white space we created. There’s a fine line here, conveying all of the essential information but no more than absolutely necessary. A website can quickly jump from being bland, empty or uninformative to becoming cluttered. To help communicate the key brand values as clearly as possible we combined high resolution photos with bold flat icons. This kind of visual information can jump out without the need to even read text, instantly orientating the visitor. By creating space around each of the key points that needed to be made, we could help guide the eye to that which is most important.

As the the majority of internet traffic is now from mobile devices, our spacious design needed to be transferred from a desktop screen to a size that could fit on mobile devices. Google also indexes mobile sites first, so it’s essential to have appropriate information on the mobile version of your website as well as the desktop. By using an advanced mobile responsive platform, we make each page adapt to a range of different screen sizes whilst retaining all the key info.

A lot of work was carried out behind the scenes in order to maintain high rankings performance. When necessary, we submit redirects and ensure that Google is made aware of updates to the site structure. We also want to make sure that all content is kept up to date, which is far preferable to removing content completely. All of our websites are built with long term SEO in mind and this is just as true when refitting a website as when building a new site from scratch.

The final stages of this project kept us in regular contact with the client. We want to make sure that every website that we design is up to the standards that our clients expect, so long discussions and the prompt implementation of feedback are essential. The end result is a website that stands out and shows the high quality of work that this growing, specialist cleaning company provides.

The Details

  • Cleaning Bros Ltd
  • Achieved a more modern, minimal design based on the brand identity
  • Implemented a new structure for the website and optimised menu structures for navigation
  • Creation of several new service pages
  • Submission to Google to reindex site
  • Responsive web design for mobile compatibility
  • Powerful CMS platform built in HTML5 for long term functionality