5 tips to make the most of adding testimonials to your website

As a small business owner you already know your website is vital to your success. To have a successful website you need to regularly publish new content that is information rich, and will tick boxes for the bots at Google and other search engines that rank your site.

With more and more emphasis being put on mixed content such as videos, read our top tips on how to make the most of customer testimonials and reviews.

1) Always take before and after photographs

This may seem very obvious but asking for a before photograph at the start of any job should be the first item of business. Take the time to get some quality shots – make sure that the camera is in focus and you have decent lighting. You don’t need an expensive camera! Chances are you have smart phone in your pocket that will take more than adequate photos, and we all know the saying; ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’

2) Are you shooting the right way up?

When taking photographs, remember where the pictures are going to be viewed. Try to keep the camera at a landscape angle. You would be surprised at just how many images appear online with a black border at the sides because the smartphone camera was the wrong way up. Remember, these images are meant to help you convert customers and if it looks as though you can’t work a phone properly, potential customers may think that you won’t be able to carry out the work properly, either.

3) Keep it moving

Your photographs can also be made into a movie slideshow adding even more search engine plus points to your website. If you are feeling confident with your camera techniques, try and shoot a small video. This is a little more complicated but you could try keeping your camera steady and pan across a single area. Even a cheap tripod placed in the corner of the room can give the viewer a good idea of the work carried out. Go slowly and shoot it a couple of times to get a good few seconds that can be used on the site. Using a cheap time-lapse panning device such as spinpod will allow you to take epic time-lapses of your projects with a slow panning movement and covering a larger area within the frame, they work great for visual projects such as artists, construction, cleaning and more.

4) Get real customers involved

Your business is made up of your customers, so why not get them involved? They can be your best asset when it comes to marketing. Asking them for a short testimonial that you can publish is great and it’s even better if they’ll record a few words on film for you (then you can publish your video on Youtube and embed on your website). It doesn’t have to be anything long or daunting, you could even set up a small structure for them to follow. They only need to detail what needed doing, why it needed doing, and the end results. Your expertise added at the end of the film explaining the job will add so much more to the video and give you the edge over your competitors.

5) Make sure people see them!

This final step is to ensure people get to see all of your hard work. Use your free social media accounts to link back to the published portfolios on your website. To save time you can set up an auto publishing system that pulls new portfolios directly from your website to your chosen social media accounts. Share these posts via your personal accounts and bridge the gap between your business online presence and your personal friends and contacts. Here are some tips about getting started on social media.

If you would like more help publishing portfolios to your website, give us a call today. We have a range of services from monthly testimonial publishing to social media management plans where we work to build followers, engage with your audience and build up recognition of your brand. If you want to enhance your portfolios even more, we can use your existing photographs and video footage to put together a showreel of your work. Send us your unedited videos and we can add an introduction and closing scene, with your company brand identity and logo. Get in touch today for more information on our contact page.

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