Why your content strategy should educate to boost conversion and retention

The point of content marketing is to offer something of value. Instead of the same old sell, sell sell, there are loads of ways to increase conversion and improve retention by offering useful information that helps your customers. Here are just a few things you can try.

Blog posts

This is an easy one. All you have to do is write a few hundred words explaining something related to your business. Remember, explaining something that may be painfully obvious, may be a valuable insight for someone who doesn’t have your experience or training. Going over what you do on a day to day basis, and why you do it can be incredibly educations and help convey the value of what you do. This is the prefect opportunity to go into more depth than you would on the home page of your website, you can really get stuck into the nitty gritty stuff.


If a picture says a thousand words, then what’s the value of a video? Regardless of your product or service, it’s certainly possible to make a video that will help explain what you do. Whether it’s giving a better idea of what your product looks and feels like, the effectiveness of your service, or instructions your customers how to do something; videos are a great learning tool. Ask any school teacher and they’ll certainly agree. If you can use a video to show how to get the most out of your product, you can increase the value it provides to your customers.


Sometimes the best way to get something across is to break it down into simple, visual elements. A fancy name for a diagram, an infographic can explain your workflow, how something is put together or give a few stats in a way that really stands out. There’s probably a reason why you do things the way you do them, and an infographic can be shared across multiple platforms, to get that reason across as quickly as possible.


A .gif is short animated image file. It can be a video of a few seconds long and incorporated into a webpage or message much like an image. They are nifty little kinds of content as they re normally super fast to create, and can show in a couple of seconds, what would be considerably more boring to try and write down.

eBooks and White papers

Sometimes you just have to get properly stuck in. When shorter form content doesn’t cut it, it may be worth putting together something with a bit more clout. You can offer extended guides or educational materials in exchange for the email address of a visitor to your site, or explain the complexities of your high value product or service. It doesn’t have to be about you either, if you can offer an introduction to the industry, or information that may be useful to your customer, you can provide what people are trying to teach themselves.


A webinar is simply a seminar conducted over the internet. This may not suit everyone but it’s a great way to provide cost effective, personalised training on complex topics. It provides an opportunity for customers to ask questions about their regular use of your products or services that they wouldn’t normally go out of their way to find out about. By getting across all the tips and tricks you can enrich your customers experience of your business.

Support documents

While it’s great to secure a new customer, it’s also nice to keep them as long as possible. This especially goes for SaaS type organisations that offer a free trial and need to reduce “churn” (people who give it a go but don’t hang around long). Whether it’s providing clear written instructions on how to use a physical product, or online support for a digital service, making sure your customers find the answers to their questions will be essential to keeping them happy. This may not sound like a marketing strategy, but if you ever want a customer to spend money on your business more than once, it’s a worthy investment.

If you’re looking for help producing and marketing any content assets such as those mentioned above, please get in touch with us for a chat about what do. Our team have worked with a wide variety of clients, implementing one-off items and ongoing content campaigns.

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