Is SEO seen as a spammy marketing tactic by Google?

Many clients seem to have heard horror stories recently about companies with (supposedly) legitimate online marketing strategies being penalised by the Google algorithm and taking damage to their businesses.

The following video should reassure you that Google fully endorses and supports companies who are here to help customers with friendly, well-informed genuine advice. In particular those who offer a fully “white hat” and “Google webmaster compliant” service. It’s known that a well planned online marketing campaign can offer your business some of the highest potential long-term returns on investment when compared to other marketing channels.

Does Google see SEO as spammy?

How does the Google algorithm work?

The official word from Google

Google’s former spokesman for the quality of Google search results, Matt Cutts, explains how Google finds website pages through links, “indexes” them (for storage) and then ranks the pages to appear in search results for particular search keywords entered by the user:

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving a website and the “presence” of a brand on the internet, in order to increase visibility in the organic search engine results. Because search engines do not accept payment for listing in the (organic) search results – this involves optimising a website for hundreds of factors (as Matt Cutts mentions in the video) to improve the website compatibility, whilst creating a quality website that others will want to link-to.

As the search engine ranking algorithms created by Google, Yahoo and their competitors are top-secret, search engine marketers around the world dedicate their time to anticipating the factors that the search engines prefer to detect, in order to deliver our clients with better rankings.

Whereas some agencies or providers choose to utilise risky or unethical tactics that deliver impressive short term results, but high risk of penalties – Alloy offers you the reassurance and low-risk of completely ethical optimisation techniques, implemented in-house, for full accountability and long term results.

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